Friday, February 26, 2010

happy holliday !!!

this should be great long weekend,
theres some music concert that i plan to come, yippie !!!
wanna see my friend perform with his band, the aftermiles,
and see java jazz on de move, so exited that maliq n d'essential and shandy sandoro perform in that show.
just wait n see until i show u the pic of them...

but, sadly,
this morning my hubbie must go out of city,
i can't come with him coz i have a 'date' yet,
yes...with mr.deadline...sigh*

hu yeah,
i sleep in 2 in the morning,
try to finish the praying matress that must be done this weekend.

see the pretty mess that i've done to my house last night,haha...

but still running out with time today,
theres a deadline list that i made so cute,
so i never feel that deadline is more scariest than a ghost,haha...

the never ending faras order makes me wanna cry,
why it takes so long to finish it....hwaaaaa...!!!!

but what makes me calm down today is this cotton sandwich,...???

huhu,that was a 'tjangklong' bag that sista cyntia ordered for her daughter school bazaar. almost done, after ironing them and ready to deliver.

happy long weekend pals, have a nice holiday.

x.o. d i t a

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Chase said...

I love your bags! It's so fun to look around in your blog~ I wish I can have more time to do some collage with fabric~ thanks for stopping my blog~