Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend vs. rainy days !!!!

gosh...last weekend should be great if the rain not messed my plan, all set but rain comes through... :(

but, MALIQ 'N THE ESSENTIAL show makes me so so so happy. it was great performence of them, the crowd was so so super !!! all girls 'n boys, man 'n womans, everyone singin dan move their body,haha... i'm go with my hubby friends, elda, rere, efvie, we had so much fun that day,love that moment... see this snapshot:

the crowd was sooooooo

heres the pic of crazy party girl,haha...

actually i'm not really like jazz, sometimes listening pure jaz makes me bored n sleepy, but this band is rock, their music is influence by jazz but still easy to listening and so hard not to move ur body when they start platyin their music,lol...

the most fun things from this weekend is:

huyuuuu...i won he 3 days pass JAVA JAZZ INTERNATONAL FESTIVAL !!!

andthis one is makes my heart melted,haha,LALE !!!!!

the other plan is canceled by the rain :( but overall the weekend is so fun fun fun !!!


ita said...

ih aku iriiiii..
ko bisa dpt bgituan??
3 hari pulaaaaa..
aku mawwwuuuuu.. :p

btw, nonton jj 2010 sabtu doang.. :)
keyen yah maliqnyahh.. :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

iya tuh...lagi bruntung,hehe...
aku malah nggak nonton java jazz nya,huhu...kejauhan, cukup puas nonton on de move nya ajah...