Tuesday, March 30, 2010

please adopt this owl...!!!

this lovely cute owl is ready to adopted !!!
please email me if u wanna adopt them...
u can also find this owl in my shop here: www.cemprut.co.cc



p.s. i named the owl with beatles songs title !!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

who wanna share the button ???

huft....i'm back !!! the holiday is over. i'm back from my home town without any photo of my city that i wanna share. i'm sick during my holiday trip and busy playing with my lovely handsome nephew ZIO. he's almost 2 years old and always wanted my attention all the time. so, no culinary trip, no photo session, no art work doing at home. just have fun in home with my mom, dad, lil brother n little sister and the cutes ZIO. tired but fun fun fun !!!

oohh... i made a button to share if you wanna to put my botton on ur blog wall. only one button yet, i have a plan to make the colourfull button ones. i think sharing the button is more fun that just sharing the link. it's like take your favourite poster in ur room wall. i put some of my favorite button in my blog, my fav is elsie cake, lovely button. to make the button is so easy, just save your design (don't too large) in photobucket or else and show up your botton and the link from blogger setting. voila...!!!

u can have the easy tutorial in here

so...make the button of yours and share with mine...



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

little zoo for abi and rafa !!!

my sister Iin call me to ask me for a help. her sons, Abi and Rafa will hold a business day in their school, and the theme this time is Craft, they gonna sell craft goodies. as a mom of two little children she don't have a time to make any craft things, so she ask me to make it for them.

so do i, i have a lot of order that haven't done yet, plus this afternoon i'll go to my hometown, so little time to do it. the quick way is make a puppet finger.

this should be stitchin with a feston stitch but i dont have many time to do, su just sew it machine dan stick it with a glue, but it done well rite?

this little zoo puppet finger for my cute nephew abi and rafa... i hope u not keep it for ur self boys,haha... have fun with ur business day !!!


d i t a

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i hate bookstore !!!

yup...i hate bookstore, not because they sell books but cause they sold this:

I'm always tempted to buy craft things, even i know it would drain my wallet,haha... that day the temptetion was in the high,lol...

tomorrow i'll go to my hometown in Rembang, Central Java for a few days. i have a plan to make some craft things with my Mom, she's so crafty, you now the apple does not fall far from the tree.

i buy a glass deco, i'll be paint some bottle that where just lying dusty in my warehouse. and this is for the inspiration:

and look this cute bottle:

and the acrylic colour is for my first panting project. i never paint in canvas or fabric before using an acrylics. so this project will be exiting.

so...in a few days until end of this weekend i will be on my hometown, hugging my mom and dad, playing with my cutes nephew Zio... oh...so miss them much...


d i t a

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recycled Craft !!!

yesterday we (me and Ay) go to BSD to meet Mr. Winarto A. Rosul, he's the founder of Flohmak and Fleamarket Indonesia, he was very interested with something about flemarket. he fall in love with fleamarket since he lived in Austria and he found a lot of fleamarket that makes him goin crazy (in a good way,lol).
so when he comeback to Indonesia he wanna make a fleamarket in here and finally succeeded with Pasar Flohmak in Granada, BSD, South Tangerang, and will be follow by Fleamarket Indonesia.

and now he give Cemprut space to join the Fleamarket Indonesia that will be held in Summarecon, between Summarecon Mall Serpong, Salsa Food and SinPasa Market. Why join the Fleamarket? coz it's not just selling a second hand items but also a lot of items that related with uniqueness and hobby. and the biggest thing is coz i have my own good feelin with flohmak in the first time i dare my self to start Cemprut.

actually, I'm a little uncomfortable with Mr. Win, coz maybe Cemprut's gonna be the one and only that sell a new items. he always gives me an explanation if my goodies is include the unique items, but still it makes me feel not so good to him.

so...this is what should i pay for him, for the goodness that he gave to Cemprut.
i will make some of RECYCLED CRAFT to sell in Flemarket Indonesia.
using the junk and transform it to be a beautiful craft...

this is the inspiration that i found:


d i t a

p.s. i make this blog address more simple, u just klik: WWW.CEMPRUT.TK and u just directed in here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

...goes to mecca !!!

not me...(not yet)...but this cemprut simple sling bag !!!

friend of 'Ay' asked me to make a simply sling bag for her.
she would go to mecca for umroh.
she wants this bag made from blacu and embrodered with a mosque pic.

i'm always forgot to take a picture when i made it. wanna have a tutorial coz this bag is so simple and cute. this can be a notebook softcase when u make it more bigger. yeee...maybe latter....


d i t a

Monday, March 15, 2010

good news and bad news !!!

when there's some one ask the pop question like: there's a good news and the bad news, what u want to hear first???
the good news ofcourse...
there's many good news in these few days:

1. party bear blanket for YOSA !!!

the back side:

already wraped:

finally done and wrap it for YOZA. i'm forget to take the pic of him, but he's realy cute and sleepy,haha... i dunno how he react about this blanket but his mom and his grandma really like this blanket...

2. CEMPRUT'S OWL BAG photo session !!!

so fun doin this photo session with Ay as a photographer. we found a big tall wall full of vine hangin on that wall. when the photo shoot begin i have no idea what inside the people suround mind,haha... promise to opload another owl bag pics.

3. another new fabrics !!!

ooo..i couln't resist to not to buy this cute fabrics, so so so cute...

4. new sneakers !!!

yesterday we buy two pairs of sneakers, 1 for me and 1 for Ay (i called my hubby with his nick name: Ay). we got a good price for those, 40% discount, and say hi to converse,haha...

5. finally fallin love with She and Him !!!

i dunno what makes me so hate zooey, she's pretty but...i dunno, can't explain how i hate her until this morning... listening she and him song and sudenly fallin with her,haha....

6. and the big news is: *drums please.....*

in this April i will join bazaar again...yey !!!
it's the reborn of PASAR FLOHMAK, place where i open Cemprut Bazaar for the very first time. it's call flea marker but not only sell the second hand things but sell a lot of unique things like cemprut goodies,haha.. it will be held in Sumareccon in Serpong, my oh my...can't wait the april comin....

this is the first time i open cemprut in Flohmak BSD.

enough for the good news...it's time to the bad news....

just wanna say good bye to our old sneakers,lol..... :p


d i t a

Saturday, March 13, 2010

party bear sneak peak !!!

gonna make a baby blanket or baby playmat for YOZA, he's the first grandchildren of Cemprut Mama's, Mama Vera. She help embroderying cemprut tjangklong bag.
not meet him yet, i'm wait until i finish this blanket or can use as a playmat for him.

the themes is blue, orange, yellow and many bears, so i called it Party Bear Blanket.
not done yet, tomorrow morning i will finish it and come to see my nephew.

owww...i made a patchwork tissue pouch too. this should be a sample for a friend of my hubby. she asked me to make a tissue pouch for her sister wedding souvenir. i hope she like it !!!

and i have a plan to make planty of it for my best friend wedding souvenir too for present to her. must be a hard weekend tomorrow,lol...


d i t a

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

look what i found ???!!!???

the last few days i fond a lot of things and this is some of them:

1. my new cuting mat and rotary cutter !!!

2. sista fara mukenas is done done done !!!

3. shocking pink sweater from lazy oaf, i'm not buy it, just window shoping,lol..

4. when i came to my cousin wedding, these cute little girl is makes my eyes wide open. she's pretty with her shocking pink dress and the bling bling bandana is so cool !!!

5. i have a bad weekend, but finally we closed last weekend with pizza, my fav ones, and this picture toke when we wait our pizza comin, i like this pic....!!!

6. another new fabrics that i bought !!!

7. finally watch avatar on dvd, i'm wondering why a lot of people realy adore this film, i enjoy the movie but not realy like it !!!

8. OMG,this CMYK holga !!!

9. another OWL BAG, see the photo soon !!!

a lot of things that i must to do, still busy with finishing the orders...


d i t a

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ryan the kind...!!!

finally i made up my mine,
being an idealist to make everythings with all my 'heart',
but what can i do, the time is runnin more fast than me....

recently, i made this praying mattress with a 'jahit tindih' technique. *what jahit tindih in english?,haha*
so it will be diferent with another praying mattress,
but in fact it tooks a long time to make it,
coz to many request so idon't have another choice,
this praying matress must be done with embroidery...

it's such annoying that i have to give up,
but, this afternoon after i took my embroidery n i found out......

it's not bad...it's cute !!!

the embroidery is so cute,
even i should pay more for it but it worthed !!!

thank's Ryan,
he's the one who help all cemprut ambroidery order,
he's very kind, n sometimes too much kind,
every time i make human face he always embroider it with eyes, nose and lips in his version, even i say don't embroder that coz i would to embroder it by my self...
coz of it i must brake his embroidery to embrodered again the faces with my version,lol...

but still...he is Ryan the kindess,haha...


d i t a

p.s. thanks for puri that call me this afternoon,
can't wait to see you....

Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend vs. rainy days !!!!

gosh...last weekend should be great if the rain not messed my plan, all set but rain comes through... :(

but, MALIQ 'N THE ESSENTIAL show makes me so so so happy. it was great performence of them, the crowd was so so super !!! all girls 'n boys, man 'n womans, everyone singin dan move their body,haha... i'm go with my hubby friends, elda, rere, efvie, we had so much fun that day,love that moment... see this snapshot:

the crowd was sooooooo

heres the pic of crazy party girl,haha...

actually i'm not really like jazz, sometimes listening pure jaz makes me bored n sleepy, but this band is rock, their music is influence by jazz but still easy to listening and so hard not to move ur body when they start platyin their music,lol...

the most fun things from this weekend is:

huyuuuu...i won he 3 days pass JAVA JAZZ INTERNATONAL FESTIVAL !!!

andthis one is makes my heart melted,haha,LALE !!!!!

the other plan is canceled by the rain :( but overall the weekend is so fun fun fun !!!