Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i hate bookstore !!!

yup...i hate bookstore, not because they sell books but cause they sold this:

I'm always tempted to buy craft things, even i know it would drain my wallet,haha... that day the temptetion was in the high,lol...

tomorrow i'll go to my hometown in Rembang, Central Java for a few days. i have a plan to make some craft things with my Mom, she's so crafty, you now the apple does not fall far from the tree.

i buy a glass deco, i'll be paint some bottle that where just lying dusty in my warehouse. and this is for the inspiration:

and look this cute bottle:

and the acrylic colour is for my first panting project. i never paint in canvas or fabric before using an acrylics. so this project will be exiting.

so...in a few days until end of this weekend i will be on my hometown, hugging my mom and dad, playing with my cutes nephew Zio... oh...so miss them much...


d i t a

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