Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ryan the kind...!!!

finally i made up my mine,
being an idealist to make everythings with all my 'heart',
but what can i do, the time is runnin more fast than me....

recently, i made this praying mattress with a 'jahit tindih' technique. *what jahit tindih in english?,haha*
so it will be diferent with another praying mattress,
but in fact it tooks a long time to make it,
coz to many request so idon't have another choice,
this praying matress must be done with embroidery...

it's such annoying that i have to give up,
but, this afternoon after i took my embroidery n i found out......

it's not bad...it's cute !!!

the embroidery is so cute,
even i should pay more for it but it worthed !!!

thank's Ryan,
he's the one who help all cemprut ambroidery order,
he's very kind, n sometimes too much kind,
every time i make human face he always embroider it with eyes, nose and lips in his version, even i say don't embroder that coz i would to embroder it by my self...
coz of it i must brake his embroidery to embrodered again the faces with my version,lol...

but still...he is Ryan the kindess,haha...


d i t a

p.s. thanks for puri that call me this afternoon,
can't wait to see you....

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Puwi said...

ahhh...aku tak sabar melihatmuuu jg :)