Wednesday, April 28, 2010

first give away from cemprut...!!!

finally the times is comin, this is my first give away for my loyal followers.
this is the recycled jeans bag that i called JIN(S)JING.
the bag is from soft lemon green jeans and green batik gendongan.
cute isn't...???

just need u'r little help from u for this give away, check this out:
1. this give away just for my loyal followers, if u aren't yet so just be, but i'm not pushing u to be me followers guys, it's up to you....
2. i really love recycled craft, do you have any ideas what the other recycled craft that should i make????

i'm waiting ur comment until 17 may (my mom b'day,yay!!!),
i will ship it anywhere in Indonesia

so good luck guys...!!!



Monday, April 26, 2010

This old jeans seemed very in love with batik...!!!

another recycled jeans bag that i made, and for me this is my fav so far...
try to match the old jeans with batik and then, voila:

sorry for the pic, Ay took the pic in a second just before someone grab them.

actually the pink batik is from a GENDONGAN, it's a kind of batik which is used to carrying a baby. i love it because from a single sheet there are three different motifs, so i can use it for a different part of the bag. look lovely isn't????

there's one recycled jeans with batik again, with a green lemon colour, and i have a plan to make it for my first give get ready fella....



Saturday, April 24, 2010

new member of The Cem Cem Family...!!!

let me intoduce to you the new member of them,
but they are already adopted by Faith and Jobs...
don't have a time to do the photoshoot like usually i did with the cem cem family,
just enjoy...

- NGATINAH SASTROWARDOYO : bunga desa / beauty queen
- BENO SUPENO : preman pasar / traditional market gangsta
- MAEMUNAH aka MEI MEI : juragan toko kelontong

- KI BEJO WIYOTO : dalang edan / crazy master puppet
- WEGNYO SUDIBYO : vokalis gambus band / gambus band vocalist
- CENUL MARINTJE : tukang rias / make up artist

- SRI MURAH : juragan batik / batik seller
- PARMO WALUYO : lurah desa Cem Cem / chief Cem Cem village
- SLAMET MARMOYO : tukang kredit / credit man, lol...
and the goodnews week they gonna grab all new member of cem cem family again,haha...thank's so much Faith and Jobs...


Friday, April 23, 2010

hello goodbye !!!

"u say goodbye...and i say hello...hello hello..."

i think mcCartney know that someday his song will gonna be soundtrack for my hectic day,lol...
10 Cem Cem Family plush doll is done done today, i'll be introduce you in next post.
but in a second i say hello to them and the next second they just say goodbye coz tomorrow they gonna adopt by someone else, cry baby cry....

Monday, April 19, 2010

gone to soon..!!!

yup, song from MJ that always be the soundtrack for my JIN(S)JING.
that's what i call for my recycled jeans bag.
This bag will not last longer from my hand.
sometimes I'm not willing to let them go, coz they are too cute to let go,lol...
yes, this bag always be center of people attention.

this is jin(s)jing that i made last week and sold out in the weekend.

and for this weekend the theme for jin(s)jing is:
"when batik gone wild...!!!"


Saturday, April 17, 2010

short story from fleamarket indonesia !!!

this weekend i'm join the fleamarket indonesia bazaar, start today, from 7am till 5 pm.
and this is just a sort story about today, cause i'm so tired but still wanna share a story to you...

prepare, i must be prepare for the bazaar but always don't had enough time to do this and that, so the banner i sewed it at 4 in the morning, and the lil banner i did it while i'm waiting the customer coming...

the most funny story today is about the little girl name "Cheche" (actuallty i dunno her real name). she get what she wanna get from her lovely mommy. she wants all the Cem Cem Family plushes, she really like them and the story behind the Cem Cem Family.
so, happy you Cheche, i hope they happy as u are...

next post will be about the hairy softcase laptop, u should check it...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

for god sake !!!

this is me, always catching the deadline when the d day is in front of my oh my...
i hope every goodies is all done in friday, hopefully !!!
this is the sneak peak goodies that must be (when it's done yet,lol) sell at the bazaar:

and for the bonus pic, this is an apologize pic for Ay because because the last few days I woke up late,huhuhu....

have a great day,


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Cem Cem Family (part one)

Finally done with the cem cem family plushes part one. I'm finish the first 5 plushes from this family. The very first one is call Jude which I give as a craft swap to Judith Chen. I thougt, maybe i will give their a nama  from the beatles song, but it's same like my owl bag, so i change my mind :)

I give them a java peoples name. Why? I think it sound Every plushes will have a name and the character. So...enjoy The Cem Cem Family Plushes :)

juragan sapi / cow seller

penyanyi Dhang-Dut / Dhang-Dut singer

pengangguran banyak acara / busy unemployment

juara cerdas cermat seKecamatan / winner of science olympiad

bule kampung / bule village

if u wanna adopt them just call or email me...

Craft On...!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

craft swap...!!!

finally 'the tea time plush' from jude/judith chen arrived, yippie...!!!
she give me 'the pink tea cup' and 'the onigiri',so cute rite????
we have a deal to make a craft swap, so the JUDE CemCem Plushes is adopted by jude, and then now i adopt jude's lil plushes...

the tea time plushes made by soft towel (if i'm not wrong), sew sew sew and voila... i think she really great for sewing thing, her plushes looks great, look like made by factory not made by hand, so two tumbs up for her... just look the sushi plushes that she made...cute cute cute...good job girl !!!

so every one, i'm open to craft swapping, just leave the comment or do email me...



ps. i have a sneak peak of 5 new member of The CemCem Family, this is one of them.
for this geek lil girl i lost my saturday night with ay, for making her pant it was wasting a lot of time...poor amateur,lol...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


yes, i'm distracted by the new cute thing that i made not more than an hour this noon. i have a deal with Jude to do craft swap, she already sent her craft, but i still thinking what craft should i made for her, until this noon...

this week i should be busy for made a lot of Cemmons, but, i have another plan beside cemmons now. to fullfill this missing family: The Cem Cem Family !!!

the first Cem Cem Family that i made,called: JUDE !!!



Saturday, April 3, 2010

CEMMON: troops from the jungle !!!

here they come, Cemprut Monsters Plushes, first session:
"Troops of the Jungle" *tadaaaaaa.....*

made from waste fabrics like jeans, corduroy, cotton, batik and felt.
cute button and lovely embroidery thread.
filled with soft dacron,
and made with secret ingredients called love,lol...

let me introduce you:
BONK !!!

BUCK !!!

FOBS !!!

MUST !!!

PIX !!!

if u want to adopt them just leave the comment or send me an email.
there's only one cemmon each,
aren't they cute....???????????


p.s. photo session location at Taman Kota 2 BSD
this is the photographer:

and this is their mommy:

Friday, April 2, 2010

introduce you: CEMMONS..!!!

i called them CEMMON, it's from CEMprut MONster. they are cute lil monster plushes made by cemprut. and this is just for the sneakpeak, the first cemmon that i made... there will be a troops of cemmon, and we (me and Ay) finished the photo session this morning but not edit the pic yet...

his called: BONK !!!

wait the other troops of cemmon...