Monday, May 24, 2010

i love holiday: weekend treasure hunted...!!!

hello monday...!!!
i do love monday but i do more love my last weekend,lol...
gotta lot of fun and found a treasure.
(treasure ???)

the weekend start with jeans hunting:

gotta lot of jeans fr my next jin(s)jing !!!

and then forwarded with a batik hunting:

wow...never realize that i found this cute batik in the market that i usually came.

in the afternoon me and Ay go to Teras Kota BSD, theres should be Morfem and Bottle Smoker perform in Teraskustik.

but rain fallin fallin and fallin till midnight and i give up, go home and the next day i got the news that finally they perform after midnite,huhuhuuuu....
but i promised for the next saturdaynite i wouldn't past the teraskustik, coz White Shoes and The Couples Company will perform...tee hee !!!

and whats makes my saturday nite is fun again is when i found this in a scrapbook tools store calls Papper Craft.

i just shock when i found Martha Stewart craft tool in this store, but the price is so expensive so i just can look and see it,lol...

on Sunday morning we go to the Fleamarket Indonesia in Sumareccon Serpong, and a pretty cool things like:

the Beatles Let It Be LP, superbbbbbb!!!

a polaroid camera !!!

sadly i can't buy them coz the price is so high, but i buy this my fav magz, all of them for only 20.000 rupiah,lol !!!

in sunday afternoon we go to Masjid Seribu Pintu (1000 doors Mosque) in Jatiuwung,tangerang. with some friends we plan to hunting a photo.

and the weekend ended with a bowl of soto, a bowl of fruit ice (es buah,hehe) and a perfect smile...

hope u have a nice weekend guys...


Friday, May 21, 2010

statement necklace...!!!

this all done last week, just wait the right time to post this. have a 'the cure' spirit this morning: 'friday i'm in love', so i spread my love with this first statement nekclace (halah !!!)...

just email me guys if u wanna adopt them:







CMYK !!!




Wednesday, May 19, 2010

J is for Jin(s)jing !!!

grab this new jin(s)jings guys..!!!

the pink batik jin(s)jing that i made before is had a good response, so i make the same model with a diferent colors, dark blue and moss green.
and the other one is from pale brown corduroy and the simply jeans that looks awesome when it turns to be a jin(s)jing...







Monday, May 17, 2010

and the winner is....!!!

after Ay randomly pick one from the list, and the lucky one for my first give away winner is....*drum roll*

REBECCA from in Malang.

congratulation girl, email me ur address soon dear...!!!

and thanks for all of u who wanna join this give away, to be my followers, and give me an awesome ideas about recycled craft.
and sorry for announce the winner 1 hour earlier, i'm so sleepy coz this day is so hectic hectic day...



ps. OMG, damn sleepy head, how can i forget to say Happy birthday to my beloved Mom (i called her Umi) in this post, u so mom...miss u so....

pps. i will pick another lucky ones who give me briliant idea about recycled craft, and a little surprise is waiting for one of u guys..... good nite !!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

saturday night fever...!!!

i got amazing saturday and ended with an unbelieveable saturday night.
after strugling with my asthma *coz i'm cleaning all dust in my house*, then finished my first statement necklace *see my next post*. this is the sneak peak:

and finished the new cempruts jin(s)jing *see my next post*, sneak peak please:

and then the baby gift is done done...delivered to my new born neighbour Khansa, another blanket that i called: Love Bear !!!

in the afternoon me and Ay go to Teras Kota in BSD, the booth is set up but i'm cancel it, i prefer to enjoy the crowd and music rather than open the booth,lol... all the band was so awesome and the show closed by The Monkey to Millionaire, they ROCK ROCK ROCK !!! and the final song ended by the rain plus hard wind, we all trap on the mall with a wet body,lol... but it so FUN FUN FUN !!!

surprisingly, i finally met my new friend Rana and his another cool friends, he bought my hairy laptop that he's crazy about it,lol... and i promise to him to take a pic of him *and his friends*. look at them, so rock with their own DIY shreded shirt and the bright docmark, u rock guys !!!

i hope it's not late to reporting my saturday fun... have a good day guys !!!



ps. thanks Ay for the good pic, love ya...!!!
pps. tonite i would announce the winner of my first give away....!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

see me at Teras Kota BSD tonite !!!

there's an accoustic music concert in here, there's many indies local musician, there's many boys n girls in a street fashion style, there's a crowd singin aloud, there's a good food with a good ice coffee blended....and the special guest is me,haha...there's tiny mini cemprut booth in here !!! there's a few of statement necklace, owl bag, jin(s)jing, pimpin pin and laptop's just mini me with the music !!! join the show guys !!!



Monday, May 10, 2010

1st tutorial : pimpin pin !!!

i call it pimin pin, it's remake pin by cemprut,lol...
i remember when i'm in college in Jogja, me and Ay have a little business for makin a pimpin pin. i don't have a money to buy the pin maker, it so expensive at that time. so we go to Beringharjo Market in Jogja, buy a pin and remake it in to my own design and sell it,haha...

enough for the story, this is the pimpin pin:

1. pin (just buy it in a store or market. the back pin plates must from plastic so it's not hard to open it)
2. fabric
3. scissor
4. glue gun
5. srewdriver
6. accecories such as buttons, sequin, lace, ribbon, pom-pom etc.


1. open pins with screwdriver, gently please !
2. cut the fabric 1 cm larger than the diameter of the pin !

3. glue the back of the pin plates !
4. folding the fabric slowly in to the back of the pin plates !

5. trim to look like this !
6. glue the back cover pin !

7. glue the two elements of the pin, close the edges !
8. prepare ur accecories that will you stick it !

9. stick it with glue one by one !
10. voila !

this pin makes ur tee, bag or veil look more cute rite???

and this is my fav:

hope this tutorial is inspiring u guys for making the pimpin pin...
have a nice day...!!!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Tee Hee....Siti Marpuah in Craftgawker !!!

after know this link from my dear friend Mi from Sawo Kecik, i start to try to submit my goodies to craftgawker. and my first goodies is Siti Marpuah from The Cem Cem Family, actually she's already adopted by Mi *even i'm not send it to her yet,lol*. and then...voila: tee hee....she's appears on craftgawker !!!



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what a wonderful hot sunny day..!!!

u know how the weather lately turn crazy, so hot hot hot !!! and God bless the man who found the air conditioner,lol... sometimes hot sunny day makes me just wanna lay down in front of my laptop, until mr. postman brighten up my day...

yippie...finally got a pakage from Sista Nella from sibebo, colorful doilies that bright my hot day... she did a great job, love this doilies so much... thank sista....
and for the next jin(s)jing would be so cute with this doilies, can't wait...

don't wanna ends up the lovely day so i took my painting tools and wanna try to make the first seriousy painting of mine. this acrylic paint is already dusty, so let's get started babe...

.....*the next 2 hours*....
drum roll please....voila:

i named it "day dreamin mommy", it's far from perfect, actually i just wanna have fun... just need a little polish and...i dunno where i must hang it,lol....

how about ur's hot sunny day guys...????



Monday, May 3, 2010

...hairy laptop softcase !!!

another recycled craft... a hairy laptop softcase for 10" !!!
this used to be a laptop softcase too, but i don't like the design, it's too common, so i pimped it,lol...
if u like it just let me know... first give away is still runnin, come and join in here !!!