Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blue day...!!!

i should be posting about my lovin long weekend last week, so fun fun, but sadly ended with a goodbye message from mama sekar, she's the one who help me to sew sew every cemprut things. so i'm not in de mood to share about the Ello concert and the White shoes and the company concert. (hey..u already share it girl !!??!!)

so in monday she come to say good bye, she finally work at the bra factory near here. yes i'm sad but happy for her for having a good opportunity to reach a good livin for her lil family. huhuhu...

yes...now i'm single fighter. i ever dreamin to make all my goodies by my self, coz this far i'm not yet met the 'one' who has a crazy ideas for work together, now it's the time for...mmm...i don't know...maybe to try a new goodies or to find a new partner or to make mass product or...i dunno...

yeah...now i'm stuck with this long long long jin(s)jing waiting list !!! it must writen on my record book,haha...the list is so incredible long,haha....

hello blue day...i'm gonna through this day with this lovely plush doll that i made this morning (but i'm painting it the night before). the navy blue lil girl paint with an acrylic paint. maybe it can be the next (another) cem-cem family !!!

have a great blue day guys !!!


1 comment:

designer said...

oh so cute! ^^
semoga cepat dapet asisten baru yaa :)