Wednesday, June 30, 2010

an unfortunatelly happiness...!!!

one day...friend of Ay wants me to help his project for make a DVD interactive.
he's the one who offer me the same job when i was in college and finally can buy my own PC with my own money from it. love it !!!
my job is for draw n make the character from his idea, and the rest of the job is his work.
and i then here they are: Milo, Luna, Hugo and si Dekil !!!

the simply story just about they playin around and found a many interesting things,
in the first part they learn about animal.

and there is the few of my work:

BUT, it so sad for knowing the realize that after my day by day sitting in front of my PC, playin with Corel with the traditional ways using the mouse, sleeping like a chicken....unfortunatelly his not paid me !!! yes he pay, but i take the money back for his promise to give me a pen tablet, and the pen tablet is never come, nevaaaaaa !!!! but thabt's okey, i'm happy...coz i never thinking can draw it manually and the result is quite cute...



Monday, June 28, 2010

the wedding 'pouch' bell...!!!

like i said in previous post, this week is week for this wedding 'pouch' bell, and finally done...Alhamdulillah... hope the wedding is goin well, the bride and the groom happy ever after and the guest is more happy with the souvenir and call me to make it for them,lol...

i packed it in night before i send it to Mrs. Sukma, i try to fold it so it looks like the wedding bell but the result its more like a clown hat,haha...but so cute rite???

so guys...if u need a souvenir for ur wedding, ur birthday party, ur newborn baby party or anything just call me and i make it for u as u like it...



ps. this is th epic that Ay take when i'm sleepin between the pouch,haha...i'm so tired just need a little sleep and ready to get rumble again,lol...!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

my guilty pleasure....!!!

this whole two weeks is full of guilty pleasure...
somethings that makes me happy but in otherwise makes me feel so bad too !!!

first happen in last week when mr.postman is give me a package from mbak Ina.
and then voila:

a C for Charlie bag and C for Cemprut !!! Tee Hee !!!
i super duper love this bag !!! i like the print pattern of the tailor ruler,lol,and the so so so love it !!!

and what makes me feel bad, is because until now i'm not yet send my jin(s)jing for Mbak Ina, cause we have a deal for a craft sorry mbak Ina, just wait my lovely bag comes to your arms...and please blame this never ending "Wedding Pouch Bell" for the time that lost for making ur bag mbak Ina,lol...

yes, this pouch will be a souvenir for Mrs.Sukma little sister wedding in July, and next Monday this pouch must be done done and send it to her...wish me luck guys !!!

and the next guilty pleasure is about my mood of painting, it was suddenly comin and i can't stop it. and coz i'm an amateur painter so it took along time to finish one painting,lol...

this is the girl that i paint for another girl doll. and what makes me funny is when i suddenly paint a Miley Cyrus version that i took from my magz. i'm not fans of her, but when the radio is playin her song "Party in USA" and then my body is movin with the beat of her song so do my little finger with the paint brush,lol...

Happy Crafting everyone !!!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

jin(s)jing strikes back...!!!

after along long long long time stuck and finally finished this few of my recycled jeans bag. huuuuuuffffttt...yeah yeah yeah, like something release and ready to start a new spirit for a finishing another waiting list. you go girl !!!

some was bought by some one but some is still aviable, if u want to just leave the message or email me or call or sms me... here they are:












good nite every ones...!!!


...the bodors goes to Bandoeng !!!

last weekend me and Ay and the other Bodors members goest to Bandoeng !!! yes Bandoeng, huyeeeaaah !!! so much fun fun... we go to Taman Gajah in Lembang, Braga Street, Distro n FO in Riau and Dago street, Punclut, and more more more... can't wait till the next journey in Bandoeng again !!!

this is a few of photo from Bandoeng, and see more photo in here:

i hope u have a great holiday last weekend...
just 2 days in Bandung i'm just missin my sewing machine,lol...
happy crafting everyone...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the tree living..!!!

last nite i'm just amazed when i know that my friend Puri have a cute DIY tree hanger. that is the tree hanger stand that i dream about, even i more like the simlply one with a few of trunk.

i have a plan to make it from pipe or maybe from a wood, but i think i dont have a time and a skill to do this,huhuhu... i need this tree hanger for displaying my bag on it.

first time i'm fallin love with a simply tree hanger that sell in Aksara Book Store,but, it's so expensive...huhuhu... so i search in google and found a few of tree hanger for reference:

and then find the others tree for another living like this in here:

ooo...i just can wish if i have my own home and make this and that for my own...


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

tee hee !!! Cemprut on SPICE! magz...!!! (+give away)

my oh my....i love June !!!
finally after almost 2 month waiting for this dream, and today is my day,tee hee...!!!
thanks so much for mbak Amesh for giving me this chance,huhuy...merci merci...

this OWL BAG tutorial will i post it latter guys.

and don't forget for the give away. u can have the owl bag for free, just send an email to SPICE! and try ur luck...

have a great June guys !!!


how can i'm not love him...!!!

who said that this blog it's just about a craft things ?!?
it's about everythings that i love dear...include this GUY !!!

first time i know him as a spooky creature (or a kind of monsta,lol) with his messy hair, the pale white skin, the black leather suit and the hand full of scissors. yes, and he called Edward. and then everythings seems to be normal until he play a stupid funny crazy pirates as a Captain Jack Sparrow, and after that i just fallin with him.

freaky Depp:

Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Victor Van Dort,
Captain Jack Sparrow, Sweeny Todd, Mad Hatter.

acting Depp:

Sand (once upon a time in mexico), john dillinger (public enemies), Sir James Matthew Barrie (finding neverland).
Donnie Brasco (donnie brasco), Lerner (platoon), Ichabod Crane(sleepy hallow)

young Depp:

glasses Depp:

bad boy Depp:

how can i'm not love you Mr. JOHNNY DEPP ???!!!???


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blue day...!!!

i should be posting about my lovin long weekend last week, so fun fun, but sadly ended with a goodbye message from mama sekar, she's the one who help me to sew sew every cemprut things. so i'm not in de mood to share about the Ello concert and the White shoes and the company concert. (hey..u already share it girl !!??!!)

so in monday she come to say good bye, she finally work at the bra factory near here. yes i'm sad but happy for her for having a good opportunity to reach a good livin for her lil family. huhuhu... i'm single fighter. i ever dreamin to make all my goodies by my self, coz this far i'm not yet met the 'one' who has a crazy ideas for work together, now it's the time for...mmm...i don't know...maybe to try a new goodies or to find a new partner or to make mass product or...i dunno... i'm stuck with this long long long jin(s)jing waiting list !!! it must writen on my record book,haha...the list is so incredible long,haha....

hello blue day...i'm gonna through this day with this lovely plush doll that i made this morning (but i'm painting it the night before). the navy blue lil girl paint with an acrylic paint. maybe it can be the next (another) cem-cem family !!!

have a great blue day guys !!!