Thursday, July 29, 2010

bazaar nova...!!!

yup, i'm lack of goodies stock but full with spirit to fun,hiyaaaa....
come to my bazaar y'all...



in the name of bazaar...!!!

this week should be my calm week for my preparation for this weekend bazaar. but I'm still busy making this and that coz u know i'm lack of stock to sell in bazaar,oooh nooo.... i've got messy schedule because of the national tv interview. *oooops...i'm not gonna tell u about it rite now...*

in the name of bazaar, and with my messy schedule i still make my day more busy with make this DIY name card. this is my simple DIY name card and the important thing is not wasteful my ink tank,lol...

yes, i better more busy to print, cut, fold, stick and cut again, better than dealing with the printing agency about my name card design,lol...

about the bazaar just see my next post, and about the tv interview just wait and see...

have a nice crafting days ya'll...


Sunday, July 25, 2010


let me to show you my Ay work, he convince him self as an amateur photographer, but surely for me he is my super duper lovely photographer,lol...

since he got his SLR camera after all this time his loyalty with his FM2, now he convince to the world that he have a 3 wife rite now: 1. Me, 2. D300 and 3. FM2 !!! when he came home late so he haven't time to hunting so he just playin with my craft tool and shoot them beautifully...

just look and see, thats why i called it: PHOTOCRAFTY, lol...!!!
"benang merah"


"my weapon"

"partner in craft"

"colourfull heart"

"lost in space"

how do you think guys...???
so, if any of you would like to have a good picture of your goodies, ur stuff or ur whateva, just contact me...


ps. i love u Ay....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

blog award from PimPi...!!!

got this versatile award from my dearest friend Pimpi from Sawo Kecik. this is my first award and actually i'm not really understand how's this award work,lol... but as a gift award from my dearest friend so i say big thanks to Pimpi....

and the next step is i must tell 7 things about me, okay let's just start it.

1. I'm a God of Love !!!
Yes, my name is Aphrodite and i'm a trully lovers. i'm easy to fallin in love and such a drama queen when talk about love,lol... and the love of my live is my Ay...

2. I'm a Beatles Freak !!!
if reincarnation is really happen, so i think i'm the one who reincarnation from some girl who's livin in 1960-1970,lol...

3. I'm a Singer !!!
i love singing especially with my duet partner: WEGNYO, he's my accoustic guitar and has become my duet partner for a 9 years.

4. I'm a Dreamer !!!
my big dream is move and livin in JOGJA and spent the rest of my live in a lil home with my craft studio in a backyard.

5. I'm a Paranoid !!!
sice i start can see 'anythings' that nobody can't see, so i'll start to be paranoid. always scare when i came in the new place and always beware for something that can make me goosebump,huhuhu...

6. I'm a Tomboy !!!
my dress code is t-shirt and jeans. i'm talk like a boy. i'm act like a boy. but since i have Ay i must learn to be a good girl,lol...

7. I'm an Indie Crafter !!!
i like to make some crafty things without preasure, make something that fits with my mood, my heart, my mind and my love said to...

ok, i know this 5 person that i send this award is already taken this award, so what, i just wanna give it to some one that i want to give to,here they are:
1. Puri@ideku handmade
2. Amesh@dreamesh
3. Ina@feathering a nest
4. Lia@lia craft journey
5. Nella@sibebo

okay, have a nice crafting day...!!!


what a kind auntie...!!!

not me (yet), but my Ay boss, i called her Mami Hellen. she's so kind to her lovely nieces. she want's me to make a jin(s)jing for them and the hangin plush doll that represent them. what a kind auntie...and i wanna be one of ur nieces Mami Hellen,lol...

and i know after i publish this post and after that my email will full of many people who asking me: how's about my jin(s)jing ???? lol... be patient guys, i will surely finish urs....



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

tick tock wedding clock...!!!

Happy Saturday Nite guys...!!!
'cause the rain is fallin hardly in here so i can go anywhere...sad sad.
so updating this blog maybe can make my nite okay...

my frien Ayi wants me to make a customize wall clock for a wedding gift for her friend.
so this is it:

she want this clock is diferent by others, so i make this clock with a theme a newly wed. looking from a window in their lovely home. cute isn't...???

and surprisingly, this clock not only can hang on the wall but can stand in your table.

i made it from thick duplex, cotton fabric, flanel, fabric marker and the lil ornament.

so...if u wanna make some handmade customize goodies...just call, text, leave a comment or email me guys...


Friday, July 16, 2010

hangin plush doll...!!!

Hello guys...thank's God it's friday...
let me just introduce to ya this hangin plush doll (rock star chick edition)...!!!
i named it with a rock star chick that i adore.

this is a plush doll that made by a blacu and cotton fabric that i draw it with a fabric marker. u can hangin this doll in your mirror, ur car, ur bag, ur chrismast tree, or in everywhere u like... and this is can be the gift for someone special or fit in your birthday goodie bag...
the good things is i can make it customize as you like it.

the size is about 20cm.
and the price is @Rp 20.000,-

this is just the 'lil view, u can check the good size pic in my blog shop HERE !!!

allanis morrisette, zooey dischanel, janis joplin !!!

ashlee simpson, amy lee, hayle william !!!

gwen steffani, pixie lott, karen o, dolores o'riordan !!!

avril lavign, meg white !!!

so let me know if u want it,
leave the comment or e-mail me,
or call and text me in 08156618064



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the mini charlie bag (a hard days night edition)...!!!

since i'm really fallin with my charlie bag from Mbak Ina, so i try to make it one. without a real pattern and tutorial i try to make one, and guess what every step seems smoothly until the final part...yes i'm failed !!!

so i send e-mail to mbak Ina and try to ask how to finish my charlie bag without read any tutorial. but finally i must say the bad word for my self: surrender....

but that's okay, got a pattern and the tutorial from here, and voila i made a few of mini charlie bag... i really love it so much, i hope you guys feel the same feeling...

if u wanna take this mini charlie bag, just leave a comment or send me an email: or call or text me 08156618064.

now may i introduce to you, The Mini Charlie Bag "A Hard Days Night Edition":








Happy Crafting everyones...!!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

for and from my dearest friends...!!!

when i start move in Tangerang and decided to work at home, so the journey begin.
i love working without preasure from someone else, i love working without wearing a uniform, i love working without the limit, i love working with my own way and my own comand,lol...
but...the sad thing is i must take a risk that i don't have many friends like before,sad sad !!!
but internet is helping alot, so i finally have my virtual friends that i can say that they are my dearest friend.

this is Jin(s)jing bag (recycled jeans bag) for my dearest friend Mbak Ina in Singapore.
we have a deal before about a craft swapt, because i realy love the charlie bag from her so i must make a bag for her with a full of love.

it's call experiment, i try to blend the jeans with a hard sintetic leather (sorry i can't find the good one),and a cute yo-yo and the wooden botton and the covered button in the strap... i hope u like it mbak Ina...

even my AY is always convince me to sell it but i still wanna give it for my dearest friend Mbak Ina...

and my other dearest friend Puri from Ideku Handmade just give me a cute gift:
a red wooden frame with a lil bird cross stitch...what a day...thanks a lot Puri...

and for my another dearest friend who's always checking my blog and say agood thing about me and my goodies,
thanks so ya all...

happy crafting dear...!!!


Friday, July 9, 2010


Hello Guys...i have a good news after i come back for my vacation to my home sweet home in Rembang, Central Java. Came to my best friend wedding, playin with my handsome nephew Zio, hugging my Upi and my lovely Umi and eat a lotta crab that i bought fresh from the fisherman, so fun fun vacation, love it !!!

and the good news is CEMPRUT make a sale just in 2 weeks !!! theres some of selected items such us Reversible bag TJANGKLONG & OWL BAG, T-SHIRT, LAPTOP CASE and PUFFY FLANEL FRAME !!! the discount is up to 20 % !!! just grab it fast guys, just click in my BLOG SHOP in HERE

this is just preview of some goodies for sale:

if u wanna gonna just call or text me in 08156618064,
or do email me
grab it fast guys !!!