Saturday, July 24, 2010

blog award from PimPi...!!!

got this versatile award from my dearest friend Pimpi from Sawo Kecik. this is my first award and actually i'm not really understand how's this award work,lol... but as a gift award from my dearest friend so i say big thanks to Pimpi....

and the next step is i must tell 7 things about me, okay let's just start it.

1. I'm a God of Love !!!
Yes, my name is Aphrodite and i'm a trully lovers. i'm easy to fallin in love and such a drama queen when talk about love,lol... and the love of my live is my Ay...

2. I'm a Beatles Freak !!!
if reincarnation is really happen, so i think i'm the one who reincarnation from some girl who's livin in 1960-1970,lol...

3. I'm a Singer !!!
i love singing especially with my duet partner: WEGNYO, he's my accoustic guitar and has become my duet partner for a 9 years.

4. I'm a Dreamer !!!
my big dream is move and livin in JOGJA and spent the rest of my live in a lil home with my craft studio in a backyard.

5. I'm a Paranoid !!!
sice i start can see 'anythings' that nobody can't see, so i'll start to be paranoid. always scare when i came in the new place and always beware for something that can make me goosebump,huhuhu...

6. I'm a Tomboy !!!
my dress code is t-shirt and jeans. i'm talk like a boy. i'm act like a boy. but since i have Ay i must learn to be a good girl,lol...

7. I'm an Indie Crafter !!!
i like to make some crafty things without preasure, make something that fits with my mood, my heart, my mind and my love said to...

ok, i know this 5 person that i send this award is already taken this award, so what, i just wanna give it to some one that i want to give to,here they are:
1. Puri@ideku handmade
2. Amesh@dreamesh
3. Ina@feathering a nest
4. Lia@lia craft journey
5. Nella@sibebo

okay, have a nice crafting day...!!!



SawoKecik said...

sama-sama Dita .... so nice to know you .. (^.^)

Unknown said...

Mb Dita juga dapet dari aku, disini ;)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

waaa....napa jadi saling lempar-lemparan award,hhihi... thanks mbak lia...