Saturday, July 17, 2010

tick tock wedding clock...!!!

Happy Saturday Nite guys...!!!
'cause the rain is fallin hardly in here so i can go anywhere...sad sad.
so updating this blog maybe can make my nite okay...

my frien Ayi wants me to make a customize wall clock for a wedding gift for her friend.
so this is it:

she want this clock is diferent by others, so i make this clock with a theme a newly wed. looking from a window in their lovely home. cute isn't...???

and surprisingly, this clock not only can hang on the wall but can stand in your table.

i made it from thick duplex, cotton fabric, flanel, fabric marker and the lil ornament.

so...if u wanna make some handmade customize goodies...just call, text, leave a comment or email me guys...


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