Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cemprut on Cita Cita Magazine...!!!

yup...another apperience in media, thanks God to bring me Peggy safely in that coffe shop that afternoon,lol...thanks so much Peggy (the god damn nice reporter).
please buy the new Cita Cinta with Velove Vexia as the cover girl, and u can find me in page 120.

in the table of content u can find me between my fav actress Marion and the hottest actor Mr.Robert Downey Jr. and who's the hell Aphrodita Wibowo between them???? haha...just find out in that article :)

n when i flipped to page 120 n just shockin with the big size pic of me,haha,so biggy biggy, so embarrassing to be seen,lol...

i think it's just for the quarter of the page article, but i got 2 full page about me and my cemprut, oh gosh...thanks so much Peggy...

yes, i'm on a high of happiness, and wanna make my day rite now...have a nice crafting day y'all... :)


ps. Peggy i still owe u the groups of the owl, please be more more more patience girl, huggggggssss.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

finger puppet album...!!!

this idea was stay in my mind is just for a long long time, but please blame the time that move so fast so i can't make it happen until now,lol...
yes, this is the finger puppet with the story board. made from hard carton board that cover by a colourfull felt. u can make it as a education toys for your children, for baby gift or for greeting card.

the magic is u can make it custom, the colour, the character, the background themes, all u can ask me... like a prince themes, a jungle themes, a circus themes, pirates themes, as u like it....
cute isn't...???

wanna have some just do email me: cemprut@gmail.com
or call or sms me: 08156618064 / 02194213222

have a wonderfull crafting days ya'll


Saturday, August 28, 2010

cemprut on Liputan Cilik DAAi TV...!!!

yes, another DAAiTV programme, yesterday cemprut take the shoot for kids programme calls Liputan Cilik with April the reporter. that day we made a DIY Lebaran Card. the card is not just an ordinary card, inside the card you can find a cute finger puppets with the card as a story board so it can be an educative toys, cute isn't...???

and this is April and Fitri who plays the puppets before take the shoot.

the shooting process went quite smoothly, I've been a little getting used to because it's the third time I was confronted with the camera, haha... look how i act so naturaly rite,haha...

and when we take a shoot for the ending the sky suddenly became dark and then the rain fallin so hard, so we just take some time to chat and laugh ;)

it was a great day, thanks so much April, Mbak Wiwi, Fitri, Mas Cameraman (sorry forgot his name) and special thanks for Mbak Iin who take the pic, spread my love for ya'll...

the show will be held in September 12 2010 in 18.00 WIB, so don't miss it guys...

Support Your Local Crafter...!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a little sighting in KOMPAS...!!!

i should say big thanks to him, his name is Priyambodo, friend of Ay. he's a photo journalist from the biggest newspaper in Indonesia. and thanks for visiting my lil house, and for this lil gift....

u can see in here: http://images.kompas.com/photos/view/42678#photos/view/42678

and not finish in there, the article printed in KOMPAS, Wednesday, August 25th 2010, on BISNIS & KEUANGAN page 21.

and this is behind the scene of the photo shoot,

thanks again Mas Gendooooooon.....!!!

Happy Crafting Days Y'all...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 years in jungle..!!!

Lindy said that she was wait like 7 years to wait this bag come out from jungle,lol... Lindy oh Lindy...i'm sorry dear for waiting a long long long time for this jin(s)jing bag, but i hope it's wothed dear...

this is jin(s)jing bag that took a looooooooong time to made, there's an embroidery in everywhere, and the yoyo's thats Indy wants ti this bag. so far, this is be my fav jin(s)jing that i ever made, so damn cute...!!!

and for the others friend who still wait for her jin(s)jing, i hope God always give u a patience,lol... :)

Happy Crafting Days y'alll...


Thursday, August 19, 2010

owl pouch...!!!

once upon a time there is a group of owl named : JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE and RINGO.
they trapped by a witch and lock in a cute pouch and found by me lately,
finally i give them name an: OWL POUCH...!!!

oh gosh skip that story...lol...
yes, i forget to mention you about this pouch that i made.
it's a cute pouch with a owl pic that i draw with a colourfull fabric marker.
there's a 4 character: JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE n RINGO !!!

when u wanna see or adopt them just meet them at my shop blog: WWW.CEMPRUT.CO.CC

n the good story of all is that u can request the picture that you like to trapped by me and i'm gonna lock it in a poch... (u know what i mean lah,lol...)

happy crafting y'all


cemprut on House n Living DAAi TV...!!!

yesterday i went to a local TV in Jakarta, i show my tutorial for making a jin(s)jing bag (recycled jeans bag). picked by a cool driver ever,lol,mr.teguh is a music freak i thing, he always sing follow the song from the radio from old school song from phill collins to the new song from Katty Perry 'California Gurls',haha...

and when the show begin i start to nervous, i came alone without any partner so no one to share and no one to hold my hands that shakin not only because the nervous effect but came from the AC in the studio, it's like livin in a north pole with a cameraman as a polar bear,brrrrrrrrrr.........lol...

this is the few of jin(s)jing (actually they already taken by someone but i borrow it for the show,lol).

this is Mbak Eva the presenter, she's the one who makes me more calm during the show, thanks mbak...

mbak Eva is a little bit upset cause she can have on of the bag, yes, cause it's already taken by someone, sorry mbak...

this is a great experience meeting all the tv crew who's so kind, full of smile and so funny. the funniest one is Mr. Robert as a cameraman (the black shirt ones). he makes the cold cold studio to be a warm with our laugh.

sooo....where's the pic of mine??? cause i came alone so there is no one who can take my pic,huhu...it's okay..when the show is playin in tv i will pic the screen shoot of mine,hehe...

ooops...almost forgot, special thanks to Mbak Yane for giving me this opportunity, and for ur kindes for giving me a time to do a lil shop to Pasar pagi before the show begin,lol...

the show will broadcast after Lebaran, can't wait to see my awkward moment,lol...


the nite before the D day i sew my own Red and White flag, i just feel like being Mrs.Fatmawati when she sew the Indonesian Flag for the proclamation of independence,lol...

Friday, August 13, 2010

4 simple goals...!!!

are u read yet about elsie cake 4 simple goals in here..??? yes Elsie Cake the guru, the crafty guru that i adore her so mucho mucho...

yes i'm join with her lil project, but is not just about participate but it's like dare my self to make this simple goals comes true...amieeen...
okay just let's get startin:

1. fix my goodies production ...!!!
someone named Mr. W dared me to fix my production, until the production process runs stable. and for the reward he offers me a small gallery to display my art work. very kind of you Mr. W. and it's makes me so excited for fixin my production. I hope the ideas that have been piling can be realized. amieeen....

2. Have a "la petite boutique de cemprut"...!!!
just a little place with a few collection of limited clothing, with a taste of bohemian, indie and vintage.

3. remake my shop blog...!!!
i love shocking pink and black, so the shop blog is about that two colour, but now i wanna remake it to the colourfull ones.

4. buy a lomo camera of my dreams...!!!
yeah...it's a last year goal and i still can't have it yet...huhuhu...

yup, done done.. i know it sound like a dream list better than a goal list,hahaha...but that's okay, just hope all my goal will realized before a new year, hu yeeeeaaah...!!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i would make this bag...!!!

InsyaAllah...i will make this camera bag, but it can be a laptop bag (10") too...
maybe there's a 3 colour: CMYK, hot pink-black and black-mint green !!!
and maybe it made by colourfull sintetic leather and colourfull cotton fabric.

i hope Allah give me an oportunity to make this happen...amieeeen....

Happy Fasting Day y'all....


Monday, August 9, 2010

you can adopt them...!!!

yes you can...!!! u can adopt this lovely The Cem Cem Family Plushies, here they are:








just call me for adoption process,lol...!!!


what a superrrrrrr weekend...!!!

there's no other words to discribe: SUPERRRRRRRRRRRR !!!
yay, i love my last weekend, planning a new ideas *that sudenly always pop out my mind in a last few day*, and surely come to TERASKUSTIK in TERASKOTA...!!!
they r makes my day so SUPERRRRRRRR...!!!

and this is my fav pic that my Ay took:
...arina !!!

...gribs !!!

...angsa dan srigala !!!

...the adams, gribs, the trees and the wild !!!

happy crafting monday y'all...!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

cemprut on Jelang Siang Trans TV...!!!

tee hee...!!! finally i'm on national tv !!!
yup yup...me and my jin(s)jing appears on Jelang Siang, Trans TV !!!
and this is the story behind the scene:

first, the crew is get lost, they should be there at 10 but delayed until 1 pm, poor them. and when the show begin i just start to nervous...goshhhh...!!! and when u see me at the show u can see my fake smile,haha...i'm so so so nervous at that time... i prepare the tools for make the jin(s)jing but i'm forget to prepare my self, i'm not wear any make up,haha....

the first shoot is about jin(s)jing profile:

and then the owl, Ibu RT looks help me to be an owl bag model,lol...

this is shoot for the ending. Mbak Iin help me to be a talent, thanks sista...

this is the sew time sceene, the cameraman said that i nust slow dow my sew speed,haha, they said is not good for the sceene,lol,sorry guys...

because my home is kind of tiny miny house, so the cameraman just sit down on the floor while they take a shoot....

and the happy moment is when finally we can say: That's a wraaaaaaaaap...!!!
David, Suro, Evy, Me, Mbak Iin.

the funny story is that Suro the cameraman is studied at the same college with me an Ay, he took International Relation and me too,haha...

the shooting is goin well and fun, thanks for the crew: Evy the reporter, Suro and David the cameraman, and Bapak the driver. thanks for Mbak Iin who wants to be a talent without paid,haha... and thanks for Ay for comin from work sooner for take a pic and makes me more calm...