Wednesday, September 29, 2010

say it with plushies...!!!

the birthday boy will be attack by the minions in this 30th next friday.
they come bring the letters of the birthday boy names.
they come flying in a birthday baloon... out DAVID....

so anyone wanna make a gift for someone special with some plushies attack ??? :)
just call me...

Happy Crafting Ya'll...


the *sitok srengenge* poem book...!!!

one day before our (me and Ay) 2nd anniversary *2009*,i just stunded in front of my computer. googling, searching and thinking what kind of anniversary gift for Ay tommorrow. i'm the one who always makes my DIY gift for Ay, but only one day left and i still didn't have any idea...

and then suddenly i found someone facebook account from the friend list of my friend. someone who really have a big meaning for us, Sitok Srengenge. he's a writer, novels and several collections of poems. and Ay fav poem book is: Kelenjar Bekisar Jantan.

i add him as a friend and send him a message, try to tell our story that started becoz his poem, and tell him that tommorrow is our 7th years together as a couple and 2nd years as a couple lovers,lol...

and 5 minute latters, voila... he approve my friend request, he reply my mail and the surprise is he send me a poems for me and Ay,a special poem that he wrote just for me and Ay, what a day....

i just grab my craft tools, and make a simple poem book, write the poem on it and sing a long can't wait until i give the special gift for Ay... and that was a super duper lovely anniversary gift ever... thanks so much Mr. Sitok Srengenge...

Happy Crafting Ya'll...


Monday, September 27, 2010

pin pin pin...!!!!

the desain is set just wait to print it and make it to be a cute cute pin, just wait n see...

happy crafting ya'll...!!!


the tielman brothers...!!!

I've heard about them, but not so noticed. until the last saturday night, I met the living legend, the godfather of indorock: Mr. Rio Delamunte Tielman...!!! the teraskustik #16 on Teras Kota BSD makes my day, so worthed to leave The Hard Days Night film on metro tv last saturday,lol...

u must know about The Tielman Brothers, they were the first Dutch Indo band that successfully went international in the 1950s. they were one of the pioneers of rock and roll in Netherlands. the band was quite famous in Europe, long before Beatles and Rolling Stones. their music was later called Indorock, a fusion of Indonesian and Western music, and has roots in Kroncong. check the complete story about them in HERE and HERE !!!

from Mcartney to Hendrix they were adore the tielman, and makes them to be their idol before they becomes proud to be Indonesian...!!!

and this is the phenomenal Mr. Rio Tielman:

and this is his new band called: The Time Traveller !!!

and the show ended with Pepeng Naif as a drummer make a little chaos with his drums.

and the next morning i'm positive had strep throat disease, but it;s wothed,lol...!!!

happy crafting ya'll


Friday, September 24, 2010

cusion sneak peak...!!!

x: "knock...knock...!!!"
y: "who's there...???"
x: "orange...!!!"
y: "orange who...???"
x: "orange u miss me...???"
y: "....."

the orange belong to little fox, the yellow belong to big whale, and the colourfull belong to beautiful peacock...
just wait n see...

happy crafting day ya'll...



lately, my post was not so much about the craft things, you know i'm still waiting for my new tailor come from her town. so what can i do is made all the goodies half finished so she can finish it when she already come, and post another interesting post like this one: PARAMPAA...!!!

if you do not know about Parampaa, so you just jump in HERE and HERE !!!
the first site is his personal blog, there's a story with the comic strip that related to the post. and this is my fav comic strip of him:

and the other site is his "crazy fun" games call: Parampaa Land. i never finish the game, i really know myself to not let me go crazy because enjoy the fun of the game,lol... and this phenomenal game is now fond of many people, including artists and the minister, mr. tifatul sembiring :) please do a warm up and calm your mind first before you start play this game, and keep away the valuable things around the computer,haha... cause the fun can makes you suddenly crazy :p

and some time ago, if you are active on twitter and you will find the phenomenon of the green icon in some of twitter account with the 'hot issue' between it. lotta people change their personal icon into their DIY parampaa icon, include the magician Deddy Corbuzier and the minister mr.tifatul Sembiring, haha ... so funny did see it ... this is some of the icon:

the man behind Parampaa is Bisri Mustova, he's the son of the amazing Mr. Mustofa Bisri *just googling him, he made a lotta inspirational poems*. we came from the same town, Rembang, i don't know him very well, and rarely seen him, only when he and his friends play in my music studio and jam some of Slank song *if i'm not wrong*. so congret to Ova for your Parampaa...!!!

happy crafting day ya'll...!!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

all you need is love...!!!

you know...
all that exists in this world created by the intervention of love,
every single thing you do you just made it with love,
like lennon 'n mccartney said:

"all you need is love"

glad my mom give me a name from the god of love,
and glad that now i'm doing all this things with love,
and glad have a love of my life like Ay...

this is Ay doing with his love, take a pic of his lovely wife with his lovely camera,lol...
"me and them"

"klenteng du cemprut"

"in the harbour"

Have a nice crafting days y'all...


Monday, September 20, 2010

on trip sketch...!!!

i have a bad experience about mudik, 2 years a go i spend 2 days and 2 night in a car dealing with the mudik traffic jam. so in this time i prepared anything with that, include bringin my sketch book and the pen marker, maybe i can do a little sketching while dealing with the traffic jam.

but what happen, i spend a lotta time in bus with....sleepin,haha...
but this a few of sketch that i made in bus, enjoy:

and this is an unfinish sketch of 'you know who', she's wearing her new batik dress from her dad, wanna finnish it this afternoon...

okay fellas...have a nice crafting monday...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

the Rembang celebration...!!!

in my hometown (rembang) there's a celebration party one week after Lebaran it's call: "Sedekah Laut and Bumi". It is a form of gratitude for the fisherman and farmers to the sea and mother earth.

the fisherman doing a traditional celebration called Larung Sesajen. they threw the offerings together amid the sea using a ship, while the farmers provide offerings in these places are considered sacred.

and then the another celebration begin, the funfair, the parade, the wayang puppet, and don't forgeting the dangdut show.

i don't like to join the celebration coz there's a lotta people from near town come to my town, and the crowded peoples makes me dizzy. but this morning i'm lucky that the parade thru in front of my house, quite fun esspecially the barong, i'm almost get bite when taking of their pic,lol...

so this is story before i leavin this hot hot town, gonna miss the salt smell from this town...

Happy Crafting Everyones...


the duet collaboration: baby hangin doll...!!!

the duet collaboration is start yesterday morning and ended in the afternoon before maghrib. wrap the goodies and send it to our newborn nephew Ata. the baby looks like the eye candy goodies even he can't really see clearly yet.

the rock duo is me and my lovely Mom who i call she: Ummi !!! she's the apple tree and i'm the crunchy apple, all the crafty things on me is from her. Love u Ummi...

we made a baby toys for Ata, is the baby hangin doll (actually i really don't know what this toys called,lol...). we made an animal doll from flanel/felt like this:




BEE *sorry for the blurry pic*

plus the covered hollahoop and the rope and then voila:

a cute BABY HANGIN DOLL...!!!
what a rockin duo...!!!

and i will make this in a few different themes, can't wait till i go home this afternoon. so if u want this baby toys just call me dear...

Happy Crafting Y'all...


Monday, September 13, 2010

not over yet...!!!

u know everytime we're (me and Ay) on the way to my home (Rembang) (on bus), i always said to him that i want to go in some excited place in Rembang in there, there, there and there. i wanna take some pics and share it with u guys....

it always changed when i'm already on home,mostly i'm just hang in house with my family, my Upi (my dad), my Umi (my mom), my lil bro Teo, my lil sister in law Devi and my cute lil nephew Zio. and like usually there is no 'go there and there', just a lot of family chat and family time, but i never regret it...nevaaaaaa.....

Ay will back to Tangerang tomorrow, but i'm still here for couple of day,
so this holiday is not over yet...

this is some pic to share to you:

Have a Nice Holiday...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

happy ied mubarok...!!!

this afternoon i will go back to my hometown, Rembang...huft...finally...
really can't wait to see them, my Upi 'n Umi, Teo my lil bro, Devi my lil daughter in law andddddd....ZIO my handsome cute little nephew...miss them so much...

i'm gonna be there maybe in a week, wanna take my family time after so loooooong not to see them.

Happy Ied Mubarok for all of you all...

Have A Great Holliday...


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my looklet...!!!

i now this site for 2 years ago, i like it so much like playin the Sims when i was in college, feels like a child have a thousand baloon to play, fun...!!!

but, thanks to the slow slow slow internet connection for always make my looklet design can't be saved, huftt....

when u go to my looklet site there's just a few design that i made, and u can get the similiar things that connect one to the others design, the shocking pink things always on them,lol...

just enjoy:

Happy Crafting Y'all...


Monday, September 6, 2010

the memoirs of jin(s)jing...!!!

this is my few collection of my recycled jeans bag called: JIN(S)JING...!!!
just enjoy..

some is still ready stock, u can get it in HERE !!!.
don't forget to add me in Facebook and Follow my twitter, u can direct connect just with click the button in my left side bar...

have a nice crfafting days y'all...


cemprut on Mata Hati DAAi TV...!!!

yeah...another tv interview with DAAi TV, this time is for Mata Hati programme. Last Saturday in hot sunny day Fitri and Mas Tommy is make a mess on my home,lol... it's quite quick take, and so fun coz the mamas is joining the take, include my mother in law,lol... thanks mamas...

this is the mamas: My mother in Law, Teh Ani' and Mama Vera.

this is me in action,lol...

this is the fantastic duo: Fitri n Tommy...

and we close the show with this goodie bag that full of stuff, thanks DAAI...

so fun fun fun... thanks for comin again in my little house guys, i always open my door every time u guys wanna come again...

Have a nice crafting days y'all...


ps. thanks for my lovely Ay for taking a wonderfull ya...