Friday, September 24, 2010


lately, my post was not so much about the craft things, you know i'm still waiting for my new tailor come from her town. so what can i do is made all the goodies half finished so she can finish it when she already come, and post another interesting post like this one: PARAMPAA...!!!

if you do not know about Parampaa, so you just jump in HERE and HERE !!!
the first site is his personal blog, there's a story with the comic strip that related to the post. and this is my fav comic strip of him:

and the other site is his "crazy fun" games call: Parampaa Land. i never finish the game, i really know myself to not let me go crazy because enjoy the fun of the game,lol... and this phenomenal game is now fond of many people, including artists and the minister, mr. tifatul sembiring :) please do a warm up and calm your mind first before you start play this game, and keep away the valuable things around the computer,haha... cause the fun can makes you suddenly crazy :p

and some time ago, if you are active on twitter and you will find the phenomenon of the green icon in some of twitter account with the 'hot issue' between it. lotta people change their personal icon into their DIY parampaa icon, include the magician Deddy Corbuzier and the minister mr.tifatul Sembiring, haha ... so funny did see it ... this is some of the icon:

the man behind Parampaa is Bisri Mustova, he's the son of the amazing Mr. Mustofa Bisri *just googling him, he made a lotta inspirational poems*. we came from the same town, Rembang, i don't know him very well, and rarely seen him, only when he and his friends play in my music studio and jam some of Slank song *if i'm not wrong*. so congret to Ova for your Parampaa...!!!

happy crafting day ya'll...!!!


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