Friday, October 29, 2010

craft for humanity...!!!


there's nothing to say again, all the headlines it's enough to makes me so sad. our Indonesia is on the pain, but....don't give up!!! we must stick together!!! do something or anything to help!!! everything that u can do guys...

CRAFT FOR HUMANITY, this idea is from Mbak Tarlen that u can check in HERE. yup, every simple things that we made, as long is made with heart, we can share it to them, to the victim of merapi, mentawai or anywhere that need our part of our heart to care about :). so i'm in...

when i think about refugee, what i most care about is the baby, i just can't stand imagine them living in a refugee camps :) oh sweety baby...there's a baby blanket for you guys, part of my haeart and my love in this blanket dear...hope can make u more warmer and stronger :)

so you wanna join...????

Happy Crafting Ya'll...!!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

the lomo bag...!!!

may i introduce to you, the bag that you know it before...*drum roll please*

now aviable in colorful canvas and faux leather application and there's a magnetic button on it. made limited, always diferent one from others. fyi, i'm not really recomended this bag to carry your toy camera, yes the name is lomo bag, but this is a simple cute bag for your daily activity and match for your daily outfit :)

size : 21 cm x 15 cm x 4 cm
strap: 116 cm

this is a few of the collection:

if you wanna have them just visit my blog shop: HERE !!! or my facebook account: HERE !!!

and soon you can find this lomo bag on:

what's Kamar...??? i will tell you later if they already :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the birdy bag...!!!

let me introduce to you, the cute cute cute bag from cemprut: THE BIRDY BAG.

this is a cute birdy bag...
made by a colourfull cotton fabrics and faux leather, there's a soft foam inside the bag, there's a 2 magnetic button inside.

size: 28 x 20 x 2 cm.
strap: 65 cm

like usually, it's limited, the bird is different one from others.
i named it with the languange from around the world that have same meaning: bird.
okay, this is the few of the birdy family, and there will be many more later. from top to the bottom: KANONI, PALILA, TORI !!!



and the first birdy bag that i post before, the yellow one, her name is: KANDRI !!!

if u wanna addopt thrm just go thru my blog shop in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Ya'll...!!!


tutorial: super cute sock doll...!!!

Finally can make another tutorial, yay... this time i will share to you how to male a super cute doll from a sock, yup sock guys. this project it's quite simple and fun, but sorry i write it in Bahasa. okay, let's get start it.

Bahan dan perlengkapan:

- kaos kaki (boleh bekas atau baru, usahakan yang warnanya cerah)
- gunting
- benang sulam dan jahit
- jarum jahit dan jarum pentul
- pensil
- kancing
- dakron


1. balik kaos kaki, posisikan bagian tumit ada dibagian tengah seperti gambar.
2. jahit bagian tengah sampai ujung jari kaki seperti gambar untuk membentuk telinga.
3. jahit bagian tengah sampai 3/4 ujung lubang kaos kaki untuk membentuk kaki.
sisakan lubang yang tak terjahit untuk membalik kaos kaki.
4. gunting bagian tengah jarak antara kedua jahitan.

5. setelah kaos kaki dibalik, pasang mata dan sulam mulutnya. 
6. isi badan boneka dengan dakron dari bagian sisa jahitan tadi. 
7. setelah diisi penuh hasilnya akan seperti ini. 
8. jahit lubang tempat pengisian dakron.

9. sisa potongan kaos kaki bagian lubang akinya dijahit seperti gambar untuk membuat tangan. 
10. gunting, balik, isi dengan dakron, rapikan bagian ujung atas dengan benang. 
11. jahit tangan dengan menyematkan kancing disamping kanan kiri badan boneka. 
12. pada bagian leher jahit jelujur melingkar setelah itu tarik jahitan sampai membentuk potongan kepala, matikan jahitannya. 
13. hias boneka dengan manik-manik dan pita sesuka hati. voila...!!! 

and this is it...super cute sock doll, u can call it rabbit or a cute monster, name it guys !!! hope this tutorial can makes you guys inspired to make super cute sock doll like this... 

Hapy Crafting Ya'll...!!! 


Sunday, October 24, 2010

and the other winner is...!!!

since Retno Andriani the previous winner is not confirm me yet for this give away, so i drawn the other winner (actually Ay did it). i'm so sorry Retno, but i already give you a mention on ur blog and ur email girls...maybe it's another person luck dear, try my another give away next time dear...

and this is it, the other winner is:

Ryani Sisca Pertiwi

okay Ryani, please do email me for the confirmation, congratulation girl :>

and oooops, not yet to launch the limited cute lomo bag, maybe in a few days, just wait for my "partner" ready to launch it, just wait guys...!!!

Happy Crafting Holiday...!!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

and the winner is...!!!'s the time to announce the winner for this new lomo bag from cemprut.
before that i would like to say thanks you sooooo much for being participants for this give away. there are 27 participants who filled the requirements, and god bless all of you... and thanks for Erin Sunday who join this give away but sorry girls this give away just for Indonesians only, maybe next give away hope you can join agan dear... :) and thanks for the little girl who tweet all her friend to join my give away...u rock Sarah... :)

okay enough for the long chit chat, my dear Ay already pick the winner...drum roll please...congretulation for:


okay Retno, please email me for confirmation ur address dear... i'll be wait for the next 2 days or i pick someone else :)
and for the rest of the participant you can buy the limited lomo bag when i alredy launch it, the bag is ready to wear, just wait for the "cooperation" with "someone" is finish, just wait guys.... :)

Happy Crafting Ya'll...


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the towel bag...!!!

when mbak Yanne from House & Living DAAI TV asked me to make a bag from towel, so i said yes for her chalenge, i'ts been long time i wanna make a bag from towel, especially an used towel, yup you know that i really like somethin about recycled craft.

but the mission is quite imposible coz i don't have an used towel, so i run to the market and buy a some towel. the process is just about a half day, without any design idea and any pattern, just cut and sew and voila:

Ay take this towel pics, you know if i asked Ay to take any pic of somethings which i means it's an 'usual' pic so the result the pics that he take always looks 'diferent', diferent in a good way...thats one from a thousand reason why i love him so,haha....thanks Ay...

sorry for Mbak Yanna, i have a plan to give one of this bag for you but i'm just forgot because the nervous things :(. so today i would like to give this bag for my sister Iin and my kindly neighbour...

ooow...u still have a time to join my previous give away guys, come to join :)

Happy Crafting Days Ya'll...!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

did Ay took this pics...???

last saturday Ay went to Canon Photo Contest in Tribeca at central Park. he seem so exited for this photo contest, he go with his 2 best friend evaaaa Zaki and Ari. he go at 5 in the morning and came home at 9pm,yeaah i missed him a lot all day long...

so when he finnaly came home, he look so tired but really happy, even though he not winning the contest but he sound really have a fun day. i'm not see all his pics that he took yet until this morning and really shock when i see Ay really took this pics...???

i think the pics is so great, i still don't believe that he took this,haha... this is few of the pics that Ay took,enjoy:

ooo...i'm so proud of u Ay, u r the winner for my contest,haha... Love u Ay...

Nite All...Happy Crafting Days Ya'll...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

cemprut on (another) House and Living DAAi tv...!!!

today i have another shoot for House and Living from DAAi TV in my little house, i made a tutorial for making a bag from towel. as usual i always do the preparation just one day before,haha... quite busy this weeks, Alhamdulillah have some good news that not yet already share to you guys...

okay, the shooting session is rather disturbed, by me, my nervous,haha... this is like Aphrodita Show, it just me to do this and that and to talk this and that, how come i'm not nervous ??? even i practice it the night before still the blank moment always happened,ooouuuch... there's a lotta cut and take but overall everything gone well :)

and this is one of the towel bag, shocking pink everyone...!!!

thanks for Mbak Yanne and Oscar the Cameraman and Ay for the beautiful photo. sorry that i'm forgot to take our picture together before we say good bye :(

so don't forget to watch me on House and Living on DAAi TV, October 24,10.00 WIB.
and for thr re-run show:
Selasa Pk 17.30 wib
Rabu Pk 23.00 wib
Jumat Pk 12.30 wib

Jakarta 59 UHF & Medan 51 UHF

okay,don't forget to join the give away, still have a couple of day to join it guys.

Happy Crafting Days Ya'll...


Friday, October 15, 2010

cemprut on Wanita Indonesia...!!!

in a hot sunny day, after go to post office and buy some craft things, this article and some of popsicle is makes my day more calm, while the others lomo and birdy bag waiting for sew it,lol...

buy the newest Wanita Indonesia tabloid, Dude and Asmirandah in their cover. goes to page 27 and u can find the girl *women* behind cemprut,'s me...

thanks to Gita with our e-mail interview, and the funny story about this interview. she call me and tell me that she found my name card that she don't know or maybe forget where's the name card from,haha... se just checked my blog and then call me for nice article dear Gita, thanks so much... so please Gita add my facebook or twitter so we can more chat personally...:)

and u can see mr.must my Cemmons seems to be the headline photo better than me,haha... but his belong to my dear friend Puri now, since she really adore to this plushies so i send him to her...

okay that's a wrap time to see my sewing machine...

Happy Crafting Day Ya'll...


Thursday, October 14, 2010

the next new member...!!!

still finishing the lomo bag but this monsta pouch and birdy bag distracting me so much,haha... wait for them next weeks guys..

happy crafting days ya'll...!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bohemian skirt...!!!

if i give the opportunity to time travelling, so i would choose to come back in 60's-70's which i never lived before. i would join the hippies mobile peace convoys, drive the colourfull caravan, sing along the psychedelic song like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamond" BUT not wearing "LSD" at all,haha...

i love the hippies, their bohemian style, their free spirit, their music, their colourfull outfit, so so so in love... so do i when i found this flowery bohe fabrics, just want to buy it and make it to be a plain long skirt, it can be a skirt and can be a dress, as u want to dear, just like bohemian style *in my opinion*.

the fabric is pretty like a silk but it's more bold, i actually don't know what kind of this fabrics. i have 2 pieces skirt, so if u want to just do email me...!!!

spread the peace and love to the world. happy carfting days ya'll...!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

the new look of tjangklong...!!!

can i say that my 'tjangklong' bag is the best seller of cemprut goodies, this is the first kinda tote bag that i made, simple but can be reversible. now they gonna change their look, still the same idea, can be reversible and always have a hand touch. and then voila, here a few of they are:

made by colourfull cotton fabric, there is a hand stich embroidery in a faux leather that shape of many cute things like animal, fairy, plants or logo. and inside the bag there is a soft foam. yes, i can surely say that they new look is so damn cute...!!!

and like usually i made it so limitedly, each one is one of a kind. the complete bag you can see it ih my blog shop in HERE !!!

and don't forget guys, there's 10 days left for joining my lomo bag give away, come on join and try ur luck to win that cute bag.

so good nite averyone's, have a sweet crafting dreams ya'll...!!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

cushion cover attack...!!!

after the sneak peak post now the times to introducing the new member of cushion cover. there's mr. fox...

mrs. peacock...


and the raindrops...

see the complete collection on my blog shop in HERE !!!

and don't forget to join with my 2nd give away, there's cute lomo bag waiting for u guys...

Happy Crafting Days...!!!


Friday, October 8, 2010

cemprut 2nd giveaway *the lomo bag*...!!!

yay...this is like my pre-launching give away, i made a lomo bag, it's named by the lomo toy camera but i'm not really recomended it to put ur toy cam in here, it's just ordinary bag to make ur daily outfit more fun fun fun...cute isn't ???

this bag made by a thick canvas material, colourful cotton, soft sponge and sintetic leather. imade it so limited and it's diferent one by other. the dimension it's about 20 x 17 x 10 cm, and it's fits for your wallet, pocket camera, make up things or your cadburry's,lol... and this first lomo bag that i made it just for you guys.

the rules it's here:
1. for Indonesian only !!!
2. for cemprut followers only,if you're not one of them just click the FOLLOW button !!!
3. remember about my The CemCem family that i made before, yup i named them with a javanese name and i want u to guest who's the name of this doll names ???

got the name by search in my blog shop right HERE !!!

and the additional rules just FOLLOW my TWITTER in HERE and ADD me as a friend in FACEBOOK in HERE if u want to guys...!!!

i will pick the winner in October 22nd, you have a two week from now. okays guys hope u'll be the lucky one...!!!

Happy Crafting Day Ya'll...!!!


Ay lunch bag...!!!

last nite i made a lunch bag that Ay want to carry out for work. maybe he's the only man in his office who brought a lunch box and drink bottles from home,lol... yes, i always cook in the morning for his breakfast and for the bento for lunch.

and voila, he want a simple sling massanger bag, dark colour and a little ornament to make it more 'cemprut',hehe... so i made it from a dark brown thick canvas and a brown cotton for the furing. and little red logo that represent his fav band ever: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

this little bag just fit for the lunch box, the bottle and the cellphone charger.

and before he go to work this morning, i take his pic first, a messy hair and a sleepy eyes but still be my Anthony Kiddies in Klaten version,haha.... Love u Ay...

and make attention please, the next post is about my second give away. it's a cute bag that i made last day, hope you guys can join the give away...!!!

Happy Crafting Friday Ya'll...!!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cemprut on Cosmo Girl Magz...!!!

a little sightning on my another fav magz, Cosmo Girl in this october. yes i'm 25 and still enjoy to read a teenager kind of magz,lol...

love this edition, it's special anniversary edition with a shirt as a bonus, worthed to buy. like the article so much, there's my music guru: Sir Paur McCartney and her daughter Stella,

and the faboulus Evita Nuh, she's cute isn't...???

and this little sightning is just makes my day...:)

*fun fact*
i always appears in a special anniversary edition magazine, what a coincidence...

Happy Crafting Day Ya'll...!!!