Thursday, October 21, 2010

and the winner is...!!!'s the time to announce the winner for this new lomo bag from cemprut.
before that i would like to say thanks you sooooo much for being participants for this give away. there are 27 participants who filled the requirements, and god bless all of you... and thanks for Erin Sunday who join this give away but sorry girls this give away just for Indonesians only, maybe next give away hope you can join agan dear... :) and thanks for the little girl who tweet all her friend to join my give away...u rock Sarah... :)

okay enough for the long chit chat, my dear Ay already pick the winner...drum roll please...congretulation for:


okay Retno, please email me for confirmation ur address dear... i'll be wait for the next 2 days or i pick someone else :)
and for the rest of the participant you can buy the limited lomo bag when i alredy launch it, the bag is ready to wear, just wait for the "cooperation" with "someone" is finish, just wait guys.... :)

Happy Crafting Ya'll...



Dechibis said...

hiks.... ga menang..... T.T

congratz buat winner.... ;p

Rebecca Clairine said...

Wah :'(
G dpt .
Huhu T.T gpp de ,
Congratulation for the winner,
Ure so lucky ! :D
Hve a nice day kak :)


Aphrodita Wibowo said...

dechi: tetep semangat buat give away selanjutnya,huhu... :)

becca: have a nice day too becca... :)

Lindy said...

Pagi2 dah check web nya Dita, tapi gak menanggggg padahal urutan 1 kasih comment and answer
mang dasar gak nasseebbb

Sarah said...

Yaah, aku kalah, tapi terimakasih Kak Dita namaku sudah disebut :) congrats fro the winner! :D

screencast said...

bikin lomba lagiii!!! :) :)

retno andriani said...

awwww... kak dita menyesal sekali belum konfirm... :'(
next giveaway mudah2n ya kak :)
sukses kak

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

lindy: next time ya dear, yg pertamax belum tentu menax,hehe...

sarah: sama-sama sarah...

screencast: nanti ya :P

retno: maaf ya dear, maybe next time :)