Monday, October 11, 2010

the new look of tjangklong...!!!

can i say that my 'tjangklong' bag is the best seller of cemprut goodies, this is the first kinda tote bag that i made, simple but can be reversible. now they gonna change their look, still the same idea, can be reversible and always have a hand touch. and then voila, here a few of they are:

made by colourfull cotton fabric, there is a hand stich embroidery in a faux leather that shape of many cute things like animal, fairy, plants or logo. and inside the bag there is a soft foam. yes, i can surely say that they new look is so damn cute...!!!

and like usually i made it so limitedly, each one is one of a kind. the complete bag you can see it ih my blog shop in HERE !!!

and don't forget guys, there's 10 days left for joining my lomo bag give away, come on join and try ur luck to win that cute bag.

so good nite averyone's, have a sweet crafting dreams ya'll...!!!



Fitria A (Griya Hobi) said...

Dit, aku ada blog awards untuk blog Cemprut. bisa dilihat disini :

Semoga berkenan. Terima kasih

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

waaaah...makasih fitria, asiiik dapet award....