Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the towel bag...!!!

when mbak Yanne from House & Living DAAI TV asked me to make a bag from towel, so i said yes for her chalenge, i'ts been long time i wanna make a bag from towel, especially an used towel, yup you know that i really like somethin about recycled craft.

but the mission is quite imposible coz i don't have an used towel, so i run to the market and buy a some towel. the process is just about a half day, without any design idea and any pattern, just cut and sew and voila:

Ay take this towel pics, you know if i asked Ay to take any pic of somethings which i means it's an 'usual' pic so the result the pics that he take always looks 'diferent', diferent in a good way...thats one from a thousand reason why i love him so,haha....thanks Ay...

sorry for Mbak Yanna, i have a plan to give one of this bag for you but i'm just forgot because the nervous things :(. so today i would like to give this bag for my sister Iin and my kindly neighbour...

ooow...u still have a time to join my previous give away guys, come to join :)

Happy Crafting Days Ya'll...!!!



Rebecca Clairine said...

Super cute ....!!!
Huwaaaa >.<


Aphrodita Wibowo said...

thanks becca...