Saturday, November 6, 2010

a happy teaser...!!!

today i had an appoinment with a girl who's bring a good news for me, and the good news is........just wait and see until it happen maybe next year :) it's such another of my dreams comes so so happy... :)

and the first teaser is:

yes, now the lomo bag is aviable in KAMAR, the online shop who's livin the indie spirit on it :). check the collection in HERE !!!

and the second teaser is:

for you in Jakarta stay tuned on 59 UHF and for you in Medan stay tuned in 49 UHF. there's cemprut and her jin(s)jing bag on that show...

okay now, while i'm enjoying my happines i hope you guys have a nice saturday nite...

Happy Crafting Y'all...


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