Wednesday, November 24, 2010

House and Living 2nd Anniversary...!!!

i should've join this event but unfortunately i can't. Ay planning to get away to Jogja wif me in this 30nov-6des. the plane ticket is in my hand and the MWATHIRIKA ticket is waiting to swap with the lomo bag,haha...Mbak Ria from Pappermoon just wait me darl... :p

so sorry to mbak Yanne coz that, for me DAAI TV is part of Cemprut,haha, i'm in 3 episode of House n Living, 1 episode in Liputan Cilik adn 1 episode in Mata Hati, and still waiting for the next episode,haha...

hope the event will doin very excitin and done well...amieeen... so Happy Birthday House and Living, smoochies from Cemprut... and all of u who interest about handmade and recycled thing just come guys... :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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