Friday, November 19, 2010

the sock doll goes to DAAI TV...!!!

yesterday the troops of the sock doll goes to DAAI TV, they did a taped shoot for House and Living. not for so long since i came in studio the little chaos happened among the crew, blame the sock doll please,hehe... and after the little chaos some of the sock doll is booked by Mbak Eva, Mbak Dewi and Mas I dunno (sorry forgor ur name mas).

this is the first take for House and Living, look they sitting still in a white shelf, they look so cute isn't, proud of you guys,hehe :)

and for this shooting i prepare Ay jacket considering the previous shoot i get cold in a cold cold cold studio,haha... and to relieve the nervous thing just take a pic with Ay camera around the studio :)

and show time...before start it just take a big smile on camera pleseeee... :p

oooohhh....special thanks to Mbak Yanne for this opportunity (again), this is the 5 times i do the shoot for DAAI TV :)
and don't forget the pretty make up artist Mbak Dewi for her magical hand, yes this is call the power of the make up, u can see it in this pic,hehe...

okay guys have a nice friday and don't forget to yelling aloud: THANKS GOD IT'S FIDAY...!!!

happy crafting y'all...!!!


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