Wednesday, November 24, 2010

too cute too be tablecloth...!!!

mbak Febby from Medan asked me to make a tablecloth that matches with the cover cusion that she wanted, green fox and yellow whale. so, ur wish is my command dear,hehe...

the tablecloth that she wanted is more big than usually, 1m x 1m, i thinks she have a bid wide table to covered. and the result is....i think the tablecloth is more like mattress for baby, it's too cute to be a tablecloth,haha... i hope she like it...

and uuuh sorry for the bad color of the pic, it's dark outside maybe rain will comin so hard to nite :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Sil Frebrian said...

itu bantalnya hanya covernya atau beneran cushion?
mikir2 kl nitip org kan repot kegendutan di kopor..hehe.

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

covernya aja mbak, jadi enteng, kalo pake bantalnya bikin repot ngirim. bisa dicek di blog shop aku mbak: