Thursday, November 4, 2010

the yo-yo's blouse...!!!

i made this blouse in past ramadhan, the plan is to wear it for Idul Fitri. then i made it few of this again, the plan is to share it to ya. but thanks to the new mama who help me to sew it, yup she made a 'beautiful' mess that's makes me reessamble it :(

but that okay, finally now done done and already to share it to y'all...
this simple blouse is made by a colorfull cotton with a yoyo's as a beautifull ornament :)

okay this is the blouse that taken from my little cabinet:

if u guys interest with this blouse just email me or leave a comment in here, in my blog shop HERE, or in my facebook account in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all


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