Tuesday, December 7, 2010

meet our friends...!!!

first time came to Jogja i met the Nest of Ojanto ganks, and u can meet them in this post!!! that afternoon was so fun guys...!!!

after that we (me and Ay) go to Gentan in Kaliurang road KM.10, we came in to the IS THAT ALL Mas Zaky, Hayu and little Hayya house. it's a merapi view house, when you open the door and you can straightly see the beautiful merapi :) thanks so much dear Mas Zaky, Hayu and little cubby cikulik Hayya... :)

and in the evening when i'm wait for MWATHIRIKA by a chance i met my friend blogger Embun and her hubby Mr. Robot named Terra which is friend of Ay..oh my god what a small world :) noce to finnaly met u guys :)

in the end of MWATHIRIKA we celebrate our 'kopi darat' with Mbak Ria from Kuwaci Kecil and Mita from Perempuan Gimbal and Octo my old friend from Rembang. i don't realize that Mita is played Tupu that time until Mbak Ria tell me that she is the girl behind Perempuan Gimbal :)

and finally i can come to the Rumah Papermoon, i'm trapped in the middle of their meeting that morning,haha. not yet sitting they just give us the welcome nasi kuning and hot tea,hmmm nyum nyum... i amze with this both artist, Mas Iwan and Mbak Ria, really adore them, it's like they livin in their dream world, hope one day i can live like them :)

there's another friends that we met but forget to take photo of them, there's a Mas Ferdy and his pregnant wife, Mas Salim who's be the broker of our motorcycle :p, Mas Yunis and wife, thank for the business spirit :). Ery Mery and Chu my bordinghouse friends, and lotta friends that we met in Jogja...thanks dear... hope we can meet in Jogja soon :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



kuwacikecil said...

great to meet you, mbakeee!!! :D seneeeeng!!!! sampek jumpa lagiii!! terimakasih yaaaaaa

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

sami sami mbakeeee...
amieeen :)

Aksaraku said...

glad to know you enjoy the nasikuning and 'performance meeting'.
make time to come back on 14th or 22nd. Desember mang bulannya Papermoon:P

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

eh eh...mbak aksaraku tuh yg memberi kami nasi kuning kah??? waaahhh makasih ya, tau aja kalo kita kelaparan,hihi...
sayang uang sakunya abis buat balik lagi tanggal 14 ma 22, tapi semoga 2011 sudah stay di jogja,yay...amieeen :)