Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ballerina in a yo-yo's garden sling bag...!!!

this is a "ballerina in a yo-yo's garden" sling bag that Kanya asked me for her daughter, Lunari, birthday present. that's not Lunari, she's my neighbour Dinda who's just wake up from her nap :). and so sorry coz the present is sent not in the d day, hope you not upset little Lunary :( happy belated birthday dear Lunari.... :)
Lunari love jeans, pink, ballerina and yo-yo's, so this is complete aplication embroidery for her, hope u like it dear...
and the story behind this bag is...fiuuuh...this is the bag that i made more with my brain than my heart. made without pattern, just cut and sew like usually, but have a little dificulty with the zipper, but everything done well.

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


1 comment:

Rebecca Clairine said...

It just cute !
Cutest !! Lovely ballerina :D
Love it kak !