Thursday, January 6, 2011

the new blog of Ay...!!!

yay...finally Ay done done finished his new blog. the blog contain his photo that he took, without any full make up in photoshop. he hate photoshop, he ne never crop his photo and do this and that to make the photo looks more good, just take the watermark and done. he just wanna share the true pic that he see in the camera frame before he push the button,haha... just visit in HERE !!!

and oh if u wonder about what is 'perak halida' or silver halide it's a compound that used in photographic film and photographic paper, more info go here. just enjoy all the pics, leave a comment if u want to, and call him if u need him to take a photo of u or ur goodies.

next post is about our (me and Ay) PLAN TREE that we made last couple day, not finish yet but i'm so exciting to share it to you next. just wait y'all...

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Lucia said...

sepertinya familiar dengan gambarnya :) papermoon ya?? kenal mbak Ria juga? :D

udah nengok, blognya bagus. Aku suka fotografi juga tapi nggak seahli itu hehehe :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

eh luchie emang kamu di jogja juga ya...???

iya itu fotonya Tupu nya MWATHIRIKA, kemaren nonton waktu ke jogja. iya kenal, kamu kenal kah? hihi tar cegukan orangnya diomongin,hihi...

makasih ya, itu juga gak ahli-ahli amat kok,hehe... :p

Lucia said...

iya aku di jogja, kenalnya karena mbak ria temennya mbakku :)

Anonymous said...

makasih promosinya bun.. mmuach..