Sunday, February 27, 2011

the log log bag...!!!

i just found 1 meter of dark brown cotton in stack of my fabrics, still wonder for what i buy this kind of color coz i never use this color. mmmm...just skip it,i try to make it some bag with this color and first thing that pop out in my mind is a log. okey then grab another green cotton and say hello to my sewwy :) and here we go, the log log bag is done done. got 2 bag and so looove it :)
*this one is already taken by my mother in law
and this one can adopt by you if u love it :)
made by a cotton fabric, there is a foam inside, the log line is machine embroidered, the top of the log there is a big leaves with a magnetic snap botton. inside of the bag there is a fabric with a same color and pattern with the leaves outside :)there you go, this rainy day makes my whole weekend such like a lazy dayzzzaaa.... just email me if u want te log log bag dear :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


the sleepy owly sling bag...!!!

you know how's the owl eyes looks like when in the day light...??? sleepy eyes like my new bag. introducing you:
made by canvas fabric as a main body the owly, cotton for the detail and the iner side of the owly. there's a foam too inside the owly. i already make 2 for the sample, here they are:

BROWNY SLEEPY OWLY**sorry the owly already adopted

*so so soooo sorry, this owly already adopted too :( :)
*if u adopt this owly u can get the owly blindfold mask that i wore

there's is an magnetic button and adjustable strap too :)
so far...i really really really do loooooooove this bag :) i wanna makes one for my self latter :p how about you guys...???

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

little sneak peak...!!!

don't mean to tease ya, but i just can wait till i show it to ya. i just finish make a couple of so freakin cute bag, and i think i'm gonna little busy tomorrow and not yet to take their pic, so this is the little sneak peak for ya guys...

*something with their big eyes**and something with their colorful feathers :)*
tomorrow i'm still dealing with the list order, the photosesion, and try gonna have some weekend fun. hope u guys have a great weekend. and don't forget to try on my TUTO ON FRIDAY in ur weekend :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

tuto on friday: button necklace...!!!

friday y'all...!!! got little hush rush to prepare this tuto this morning, but finally done done and ready to share for ya :) today we're gonna make something with button like i said in my prev post. this is quite simple, fun and u r gonna be like the result, cute BUTTON NECKLACE every one... for this necklace i took half of wasted material on it, so it half save the world :) okay just get start it, this is what u need:- wasted corduroy fabric that i got from old pants, u can use jeans or any tick material of fabrics.
- wasted cardboard that i got from remaining cardboard from making hard pattern of my bag.
- wasted embroidery thread that i got from my 'cemprur mama's' who's hel me embroidering.
- a lotta colorful buttons - glue - pencil - scissor - needle - synthetic leather string

now it's how to make it:1. cut out a half circle and make a template with a paper on a cardboard and cut it.
2. draw 2 pieces of corduroy from this template, and cut it out with leaving aprox 0,5 cm from the template line.
3. get out ur needle and embroidery thread, pick out the colorful button in various size. start stiching them on to front piece of corduroy. tie a knot in back to secure the button on.
4. dab the glue in one side of the cardboard. then stick the corduroy that u've already sew it with the bottons. press it gently so the corduroy is stick well in cardboard.
5. dab the back side of the cardboard with a glue. put the leather string on it and dab it again with a glue.
6. stick the back side of the corduroy on it. press it gently. make sure that they strongly stick it in to.
7. the necklace will look like this, take the time for letting the glue dry well.
8. embroidered fabric remnants along the edge of the necklace body with feston embroidery.

*when the edge of corduroy get fibred juat let it did, it can make a new style of the necklace :)

okay now, who's gonna make it for the weekend ??? just try to make it, quite simple and it can use for ur fashion statement too dear... hope it's inspiring you guys :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

the name card dilemma...!!!

finally finished the new name card of cemprut, design by me and draw by me with a help of the corel :) but the dealing still not finish yet... i'm still confused which desain that i choose. for the front the sewing tools ones or the sewwy ones ???and for the back the white ones or the black ones ??? and i must give it to the printing shop this noon, oh my.... what do you thing guys...???

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i love button craft...!!!

hello dear... craft story today is about button. u know i really love button a lot, my craft box full of colorful button, i'm not going to make my craft box lack of button stock :) this magic button can transformed in to a many things cute craft. and button it's easy way to decorate your craft things to make it more cute and sparkling :) i do a lot of decorate with button in my jin(s)jing bag, and this is my fav ones:this is a few of pic of button craft that i'm googling this morning. u can make the button in to the hair clip, wreath, necklace, wall clock or a flower blossom, many things you can do with button. hope u can inspired to make crafting like this, check it out:
*pic from many source

i think i'm gonna make some crafty thing with button in next Tuto On Friday,mmm...just wait n see. and yes, i will announce the Crafting With Cemprut as soon as i get the good news *i hope* *cross fingers*

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

the vintage brooch...!!!

this vintage brooch is so lovely, with a sculpture of a beautiful woman with a flower corsage. there are just 3 brooch in every color of them.
the beautiful brown ones,...
the beautiful grey ones,...just make sure to e mail me if u want to :) thanks for Ay for helping me take this pic in this early morning, love ya...

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

tuto on friday: frame earrings holder...!!!

okay guys...this is the second TUTO ON FRIDAY...yay !!! today i'm gonna share to you how to make DIY FRAME EARRINGS HOLDER. actually since i dont know i never wearing earrings , but for you gals who's like to collect earrings, so this is the cute frame holder for put your collections :) hope u like it :) okay let's get start it, this is it:this is all things that u need:tick board - foam - block wire - fabric - glue gun - glue - pencil - ruller - cutter - scissors - button

and here we gooo:
a. draw the pattern that u can upload in HERE on a board. cut it until the result look like a frame as in the pic. make it 2 frame board.
b. cut the foam same like the board with the same pattern. stick it with a glue in the board.
c. take the fabric, put it under the board, cut the fabric 2 cm over the board pattern. stick it with a glue on the back side of the board. and u can see the result in the pic.
d. take the block wire, put it into the back side of the covered board, stick it with a glue gun and then put the another covered board in to it. press it gently. makes the covered board with the foam as the front side of this holder.
e. to make the buffer, take the board and cut it like in the pattern. for the line in the pattern pic it's mean that u must cut half the thickness of the board. so you can fold the board.
f. covered the board with a fabric, it's the same way like covered the frame holder.
g. stick it the buffer with the small folded in the bottom of the frame holder, and the longest in the middle of the frame list.
h. and in the end stick the buttons in a part of the frame that u want to decorate it. c'est fini :)
and for this cute earrings frame holder what u need is ur own DIY earrings too, made by buttons and beads, super cute :) and since i don't need this frame holder, so i offer you this DIY FRAME EARRINGS HOLDER and all the DIY EARRINGS for you with a SPECIAL PRICE, just email me if u want to :) hope u like my TUTO ON FRIDAY :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

the luchie's loro blonyo doll...!!!

yay... another loro blonyo dolls :) when u don't even know yet about the loro-blonyo so u can check my previous post in here !!! now it's time for Luchie's Loro Blonyo, i'm not sure yet who's gonna married, she or her cousin, whoever is it i give a pray for both of the wedding couple, happy eva aftaaaa... :pluchie wants the doll is wear an batik as a national fabric from Indonesia, the bride wear a white kebaya and a white hijjab. i put an obi and a goldie stone for makin the kebaya is more looks elegants. oh when u dunno et what is kebaya, kebaya is a traditional dress for woman in Indonesia.
and for the groom is wear a simply white shirt still with obi and a stone on it. and Luchie requested the groom is wear a blangkon, blangkon is a traditioan cap in Javanish people in Indonesia. so cute... :)

uuuh...ready for's mean ready for TUTO ON FRIDAY, yay... if u guys wanna join to share ur tuto just email me, so i can share it tomorrow when i post my tuto, see u tomorrow guys...

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


the pouch from Greece...!!!

yesterday i got package from Greece... whaaaaat ??? GRECE ??? yup, Greece, the lands where's my name come from, the lands that i adore so much with their Greek Mithology and their Santo Rini :)

last couples of weeks i joined a give away from my blogger friends from Corfu, Greece, her name is Angeliki Pagkrati. i know her when she noticed me about my Tjangklong bag that she adore so much was featured on her blog, she posting not only once but twice with my Plan Tree, oooh...what a kind of girl, thanks so much dear Angel. she's a sweet crafty girl, i adore she work and all her crochet things.

and when i announce as one of the winner and so the long way journey package finnaly commin to town. a sweet simply mint green pouch, thanks again Angel, love it so much...the fun fact is, she have a best friend in Greece and her name is like my name: Aphrodite :) thanks again Angel, so nice to know ya... and all of you guys u can come to visit her blog in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cemprut on Media Indonesia...!!!

i'm not really noticed when read Nest of Ojanto post when they're in the Media Indonesia article last Sunday, when they said there was me too in there it was a yippie moment... yay :) last tuesday Christine from Media Indonesia calls me for an interview, finally we deal that the interview from the phone continued to the e-mail coz i'm kinda busy that time. the interview answer is send yet the next things is make a tutorial that she wanted, and finaly done and already posted yet for the tuto on friday.
i'm not asking her (christine) when the article is publish in Media Indonesia, so yes i don't have the news paper till now, i try to buy it in this afternoon but it's sold out everywhere :( so this is the link that u can read the article in e paper, just click HERE !!!

so thank to Media Indonesia for the article about me and my others crafty friends, Nest of Ojanto and The Man Who Knits. smoochieees... :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

the 'spread your love' list...!!!

yes, no need to wait valentine to spread the love :) spread your love for anybody and everybody, anything and everything :) and i have a some list to you to spread your kind of love, just click and spread your looooove... :)

*spread the love for our beautiful country INDONESIA*
vote Komodo Island as a new world 7 wonders, click HERE the for more info :)
*spread the love with all the animal in this world*
help the animal by using the PETA toolbars, click HERE for more info :)
*spread the love with helping the kids through our craft*
this is the site that u can join for helping the homeless children with our craft, just click HERE for more info :) but when it's far away to join, u guys just can follow their simple briliants idea for making some craft project for the kids :) the key is to do it together and have some fun :)*all pics found from google and edited by me :)

there's a lotta way to do to spread your love, this is just a short list of mine. try to find the fun way to pread it, and make the world full of love :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

the mermaid and clown yo-yo's doll...!!!

this morning instead doing the routins i just suddenly have an idea for the photoshoot of the mermaid yo-yo's doll. juat grab the gardening tools and ready to digging and playing with dirt :) almost 1 hour to prepare it and ready to call Ay to shoot the mermaid, here we gooo... i made a little pond with a real water, grab the plan from the garden, spread the little rock and make a fake cloud from dacron, cute isn't... :)
and the set for the clown is made by papper and colorfull marker, draw this and that, stick it in to the background cotton and ready to shoot...a cute smiley clown every one... :)
this doll all made from a yo-yo's, like i did before with my caterpillar in my prev post. ooo...i hope u guys can make another creation with the yo-yo's, and hope we can make it together in crafting with cemprut,next... :)
and thanks for Ay who was willing to sweat for the photoshoot...i love u Ay...
Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

tuto on friday: the monkey sock doll...!!!

okay now, i'll share you my first TUTO ON FRIDAY, since a lot of you really like this cute sock monkey, so i make MY OWN PATTERN of this sock monkey. so grab your craft tools and let's get rock on !!!

all you need:

-1 pairs of a new sock - soft dacron - sewing needle -
- embroidery needle - sewing thread - embroidery thread -
- a pairs of buttons - scissors - pencil - sewing machine -

sock A:

1. turn the sock inside out.
2. make sure that the heel is facing toward to you like in a pic A.
3. draw a line with a pencil like the pattern A.
4. sew the pattern line for the leg part.

5. cut the sock between the leg.
6. turn sock right side out from the hole.
7. fill the sock with a soft dacron from the hole.
8. sticht the hole with a thread.

sock B:

1. turn the sock inside out.
2. make sure the sock position is like the pic B.
3. draw a line with a pencil like the pattern B.
4. sew all the pattern line.
5. cut every part of the body inside out the sewing path.
6. turn all part of body right side out.

7. fill in with the soft dacron every single part of the body.


1. take the ears part, put it in the left and the right of the heel of the sock,
then sticht it.
2. the tips for sticht every part of the body, just fold a little in side everi bottom of the part,
and then sitcht it with the part of another body from the sock.
3. take the nose part, put it in yhe middle of the face part like in the pic and then sticht it.
4. before the end of the stitch, fill the soft dacron in to the nose and then sticth it again.

5. take the hand part, put it in the left and the right of the middle body, andthen sticht it.
6. take the tail part, put it in the middle of the buttom and then stich it.
7. sticht the buttons on and then embroidered the smiley mouth in the nose part.

and voila...ur own monkey sock doll is done done... :) and u can download the tuto in Bahasa in HERE !!! and the pattern in HERE !!! and for all of u that wanna join this TUTO ON FRIDAY just click HERE for more information :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



tuto on friday...!!!

this is the weekly project that i told u before, introduce you:
this is the crafty tutorial that i will make once a week on FRIDAY. why FRIDAY ??? for me FRIDAY is the day that i work with all fun spirit and fun expectations for the holiday in the next day, i'm sure you know what i mean :) i will share to you about crafty tutorial, from the simple ones to the real crafty thing ones :) yes...on FRIDAY !!!

and the good things is you all my blog followers you can join this fun TUTO ON FRIDAY too. this is the requirements:
1. u are one of my FOLLOWERS.
2. make a crafty tutorial by your self, no matter it's the simply crafty things ones.
3. it's okay that u make it in ur mother languange. (thanks to google translate :p)
4. i'm not pushing you to make the tuto in a once a week but make sure that u posting ur tutorial on FRIDAY before 02.00 pm WIB (Jakarta - Indonesia Times).
5. send me an email about ur post and ur link post at
6. put TUTO ON FRIDAY button on your blog. u can copy paste my button and put it in ur blog.
7. i will share ur tuto post link on my TUTO ON FRIDAY post.

you know if i share my tuto and yours i hope it's make all the readers can get the crafty spirit with this TUTO ON FRIDAY, so their weekend in the next day can be their crafty days to make some crafty things from ours TUTO ON FRIDAY, exiting right...!!!

okay for this first FRIDAY i will share my first tuto in 02.00 pm, if u already meet the requirement let's have start it guys...!!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!