Friday, February 11, 2011

the little birdy story...!!!

the first birdy story is the good ones, u can grab the newest stock of birdy bag in my BLOG SHOP or in my FACEBOOK !!! like usually, it's limited and always diferent by the other... :)
the second story is the horror ones, oh my...not that kind of horror guys... :p yesterday i've got a friends comin to the cemprut lilliput house,haha... i called my house lilliput house coz it's so tiny miny but cutie but there is a two gulliver livin in there, me and Ay ofcourse, haha...

they gonna take photoshoot for the detail of my "secret project", and the scariest horror is the photoshoot for profil of me, oh nooooo.... you know i'm not of kind of camera face, i always nervous when i get photo of me, there is 2 exception for that, 1st is when there is acompany to be a photo object and 2nd is when i get photo with Ay as photographer :) and when those 2 exception is not happen so you obviously can see the 'fake' smile of me like this pic, haha...thank's that i can wear my new stock of birdy bag, this birdy bag is half save my moment at that time,oh...horrorrrr....

oh yeah, i will announce you my weekly project for this blog latters, it's so interesting and and little challengeling me to du this kind of routins, see my next post dear... and now time to yelling: THANK'S GOD IT'S FRIIIIDAAAYYY !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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