Thursday, February 17, 2011

the luchie's loro blonyo doll...!!!

yay... another loro blonyo dolls :) when u don't even know yet about the loro-blonyo so u can check my previous post in here !!! now it's time for Luchie's Loro Blonyo, i'm not sure yet who's gonna married, she or her cousin, whoever is it i give a pray for both of the wedding couple, happy eva aftaaaa... :pluchie wants the doll is wear an batik as a national fabric from Indonesia, the bride wear a white kebaya and a white hijjab. i put an obi and a goldie stone for makin the kebaya is more looks elegants. oh when u dunno et what is kebaya, kebaya is a traditional dress for woman in Indonesia.
and for the groom is wear a simply white shirt still with obi and a stone on it. and Luchie requested the groom is wear a blangkon, blangkon is a traditioan cap in Javanish people in Indonesia. so cute... :)

uuuh...ready for's mean ready for TUTO ON FRIDAY, yay... if u guys wanna join to share ur tuto just email me, so i can share it tomorrow when i post my tuto, see u tomorrow guys...

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Mi (なおみ) said...

waaoooo .... sudah muncul Loro Blonyo yang baru lagi ... hihihi ... lucuuu ... bagus bajunya Dit

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

iyaaaa niih... ternyata bikin bajunya lebih lamaaaaa dari pada bonekanya :) hihi, soalnya detil n keciiiil :) makasih ya mi :)