Saturday, February 12, 2011

the mermaid and clown yo-yo's doll...!!!

this morning instead doing the routins i just suddenly have an idea for the photoshoot of the mermaid yo-yo's doll. juat grab the gardening tools and ready to digging and playing with dirt :) almost 1 hour to prepare it and ready to call Ay to shoot the mermaid, here we gooo... i made a little pond with a real water, grab the plan from the garden, spread the little rock and make a fake cloud from dacron, cute isn't... :)
and the set for the clown is made by papper and colorfull marker, draw this and that, stick it in to the background cotton and ready to shoot...a cute smiley clown every one... :)
this doll all made from a yo-yo's, like i did before with my caterpillar in my prev post. ooo...i hope u guys can make another creation with the yo-yo's, and hope we can make it together in crafting with cemprut,next... :)
and thanks for Ay who was willing to sweat for the photoshoot...i love u Ay...
Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!

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Anzouya said...

Wow! Not only your creations are amazing but also your photo shooting scenes are INCREDIBLE! You are so creative!