Thursday, February 3, 2011

monkey sock doll attack...!!!

yesterday morning me and Ay had a fun photo session with my sock monkey. we tried to find a green grass or maybe a trees for the monkey, but instead we found an old telephone booth and a pump water for the fire fighter :) just take a pic all the way where our motorcycle bring me in the chinese new year holiday, so fun fun :)

this is my fav photo, they (monkey sock doll) laying in a green grass holdin hand each other just like a brother monkey sock.and this is fun spot that we found in Banjar Wijaya Residence near my house. it's kind weird when some one build the telephone booth in an empty land surounded by high if u wanna grab this cute monkey sock doll, just grab in my BLOG SHOP !!! or in my FACEBOOK !!!

and let me yelling to ya: THANK'S GOD IT'S FRIDAAAAAAAY !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



amesh said...

i've been meaning to make one, got the pattern from internet and even the socks! tapi trus kok males yaaaah jadilah teronggok di pojokan aja hahahaha.. sini deh daku beli yang loreng2 piro?

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

haha...dasar... aku dah imel ya mbak :)

Anonymous said...

ini di jual ya sockmonkeydoll nya ? kalau di jual, masih ada ga barangnya ? mau banget ):