Sunday, February 13, 2011

the 'spread your love' list...!!!

yes, no need to wait valentine to spread the love :) spread your love for anybody and everybody, anything and everything :) and i have a some list to you to spread your kind of love, just click and spread your looooove... :)

*spread the love for our beautiful country INDONESIA*
vote Komodo Island as a new world 7 wonders, click HERE the for more info :)
*spread the love with all the animal in this world*
help the animal by using the PETA toolbars, click HERE for more info :)
*spread the love with helping the kids through our craft*
this is the site that u can join for helping the homeless children with our craft, just click HERE for more info :) but when it's far away to join, u guys just can follow their simple briliants idea for making some craft project for the kids :) the key is to do it together and have some fun :)*all pics found from google and edited by me :)

there's a lotta way to do to spread your love, this is just a short list of mine. try to find the fun way to pread it, and make the world full of love :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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