Friday, February 25, 2011

tuto on friday: button necklace...!!!

friday y'all...!!! got little hush rush to prepare this tuto this morning, but finally done done and ready to share for ya :) today we're gonna make something with button like i said in my prev post. this is quite simple, fun and u r gonna be like the result, cute BUTTON NECKLACE every one... for this necklace i took half of wasted material on it, so it half save the world :) okay just get start it, this is what u need:- wasted corduroy fabric that i got from old pants, u can use jeans or any tick material of fabrics.
- wasted cardboard that i got from remaining cardboard from making hard pattern of my bag.
- wasted embroidery thread that i got from my 'cemprur mama's' who's hel me embroidering.
- a lotta colorful buttons - glue - pencil - scissor - needle - synthetic leather string

now it's how to make it:1. cut out a half circle and make a template with a paper on a cardboard and cut it.
2. draw 2 pieces of corduroy from this template, and cut it out with leaving aprox 0,5 cm from the template line.
3. get out ur needle and embroidery thread, pick out the colorful button in various size. start stiching them on to front piece of corduroy. tie a knot in back to secure the button on.
4. dab the glue in one side of the cardboard. then stick the corduroy that u've already sew it with the bottons. press it gently so the corduroy is stick well in cardboard.
5. dab the back side of the cardboard with a glue. put the leather string on it and dab it again with a glue.
6. stick the back side of the corduroy on it. press it gently. make sure that they strongly stick it in to.
7. the necklace will look like this, take the time for letting the glue dry well.
8. embroidered fabric remnants along the edge of the necklace body with feston embroidery.

*when the edge of corduroy get fibred juat let it did, it can make a new style of the necklace :)

okay now, who's gonna make it for the weekend ??? just try to make it, quite simple and it can use for ur fashion statement too dear... hope it's inspiring you guys :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Lucia said...

coba ah..coba ah :D

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

ayo ayo coba yoo... :)

Maya Floria Yasmin said...

kerennnnnn :D

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

makasih maya... ayo bikin yuk.. :)

embunmuda said...

..woo.. dita...
menarik sekalii :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

makasih embun :) ayo embun juga buat :)

pudingsusu said...

lucuuuu :D
mo coba juga ahh

pudingsusu said...

mo buat juga ahh :D

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

ayoooo bikiiin :)

Anonymous said...

Halo dita :)
Salam kenal dr Surabaya...
Ah akupun tak sabar ingin segera mencoba membuat kalung seperti ini, hihi...
Thx tutorialnya ya;)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

slam kenal juga ndutke :) coba bikin deh, seru :)