Friday, February 18, 2011

tuto on friday: frame earrings holder...!!!

okay guys...this is the second TUTO ON FRIDAY...yay !!! today i'm gonna share to you how to make DIY FRAME EARRINGS HOLDER. actually since i dont know i never wearing earrings , but for you gals who's like to collect earrings, so this is the cute frame holder for put your collections :) hope u like it :) okay let's get start it, this is it:this is all things that u need:tick board - foam - block wire - fabric - glue gun - glue - pencil - ruller - cutter - scissors - button

and here we gooo:
a. draw the pattern that u can upload in HERE on a board. cut it until the result look like a frame as in the pic. make it 2 frame board.
b. cut the foam same like the board with the same pattern. stick it with a glue in the board.
c. take the fabric, put it under the board, cut the fabric 2 cm over the board pattern. stick it with a glue on the back side of the board. and u can see the result in the pic.
d. take the block wire, put it into the back side of the covered board, stick it with a glue gun and then put the another covered board in to it. press it gently. makes the covered board with the foam as the front side of this holder.
e. to make the buffer, take the board and cut it like in the pattern. for the line in the pattern pic it's mean that u must cut half the thickness of the board. so you can fold the board.
f. covered the board with a fabric, it's the same way like covered the frame holder.
g. stick it the buffer with the small folded in the bottom of the frame holder, and the longest in the middle of the frame list.
h. and in the end stick the buttons in a part of the frame that u want to decorate it. c'est fini :)
and for this cute earrings frame holder what u need is ur own DIY earrings too, made by buttons and beads, super cute :) and since i don't need this frame holder, so i offer you this DIY FRAME EARRINGS HOLDER and all the DIY EARRINGS for you with a SPECIAL PRICE, just email me if u want to :) hope u like my TUTO ON FRIDAY :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Azhezha said...

cute deh..
eh, kak, request Tuto dong.. Tas Jeanjing nya kapan ni??

Anzouya said...

This looks great! Well done! :-)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

sarah: makasih sarah... tunggu aja ya :)

angel: thanks dear... :)