Friday, February 11, 2011

tuto on friday...!!!

this is the weekly project that i told u before, introduce you:
this is the crafty tutorial that i will make once a week on FRIDAY. why FRIDAY ??? for me FRIDAY is the day that i work with all fun spirit and fun expectations for the holiday in the next day, i'm sure you know what i mean :) i will share to you about crafty tutorial, from the simple ones to the real crafty thing ones :) yes...on FRIDAY !!!

and the good things is you all my blog followers you can join this fun TUTO ON FRIDAY too. this is the requirements:
1. u are one of my FOLLOWERS.
2. make a crafty tutorial by your self, no matter it's the simply crafty things ones.
3. it's okay that u make it in ur mother languange. (thanks to google translate :p)
4. i'm not pushing you to make the tuto in a once a week but make sure that u posting ur tutorial on FRIDAY before 02.00 pm WIB (Jakarta - Indonesia Times).
5. send me an email about ur post and ur link post at
6. put TUTO ON FRIDAY button on your blog. u can copy paste my button and put it in ur blog.
7. i will share ur tuto post link on my TUTO ON FRIDAY post.

you know if i share my tuto and yours i hope it's make all the readers can get the crafty spirit with this TUTO ON FRIDAY, so their weekend in the next day can be their crafty days to make some crafty things from ours TUTO ON FRIDAY, exiting right...!!!

okay for this first FRIDAY i will share my first tuto in 02.00 pm, if u already meet the requirement let's have start it guys...!!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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babalisme said...

SOB no tuts from me from the meantime, dang those deadlines.

Thank you for your kind words back on my blog! I'm nothing compared to you! I thought I have seen you in several magazines/publication...