Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what inside the goody bag...!!!

like i told you in my previous post, i will share u waht inside the goody bag that i give to the gals that join the Crafting With Cemprut last monday. actualy it's a last minute goody bag, i just prepared it 1 day before the d-day, in the nite i still sew a sewing kit case that pop-up in my mind in the afternoon, it sound so me, always got a hasty prepare,haha...i brought a plain paper bag and stick it with the print out cemprut banner. inside the bag there is a dacron, roll of socks that i already sew it with a monkey sock doll pattern, a paper of pattern *not in tne pic* and the sewing kit case.this case made by a cotton fabric, foam and felt, cut and sew it, make a button hole and put the button, don't forget to embed the cute brooch and voila... there's some a pin needles, one sewing needle and one embroidery needle. in the flanel pocket there's a rolls of sewing thread, embroidery thread and buttons. this sewing kit case has been the favourite for the gals, they snatch and switch each other to get their own fav color,haha..

i really happy coz Crafting With Cemprut had a good response, the gals wants the gigs to be held soon, and the others friends wants to join the gigs, oh my... i hope i can achieve their request. just wait and see... and for all of you that maybe join the next Crafting With Cemprut just see what kind of little surprise inside the goody bag :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Anzouya said...

You are so crafty and inspiring! Everything looks great and so cute!

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

angel: oooh...u r so kind dear... so do you angel:) i hope i can do the crochet thing like u do :)