Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the arrgghh new name card...!!!

finally i print out my name card that i told u before. i do a little change on it, first i change the crayon effect of the front side card. when i try to print it, i dont know why the effect doesn't seems like crayon but seen kind like blury, so i made it normal without any effect. and the back side, i choose blue, not balck or white, when it's black i can't make any note on it, but if i make it white the printing price is the same way like when i print with a block of color,haha.. :)

and theeeeen...they just come out with the difrent blue like i thought i was designed it, ARRRGGHHH !!! i dont know why, the blue seems to old, and the brown seems to pale, i just little mad but what can i say... i already print it in 3 box, just leave it... :(

forget the sad strory, now times to face the very goooooooood dealing that i made yesterday, it will be a super busy March,oooh... thanks God :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


bella rahmanastiti said...

Well, if I could say the back is perfect.
But the front, its too pale.

Azhezha said...

bagus kok kak.. *menurutku sih ;)

Anzouya said...

I think your cards still look great, although I can't take a closer look. Don't worry! I don't think many would notice. :-)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

bella: yeah, there's something about the mix color in their print machine that makes the tone result is to pale :(

sarah: makasaih sarah :)

angel: thanks angel :)

EliT Craft said...

Saya juga pernah punya pengalaman sama.. tapi kelihatan lucu kok :)

andriani retno said...

wahhh sudah jadii
kurang jelas kak gambarnya :DD

tai tetep ok kok :))

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

retno: iya motonya pagi buta lom ada matahari kluar,hehe :) makasih ya :)

elit: makasiiiih :)