Friday, March 18, 2011

tuto on friday: dragonfly yo-yo's doll...!!!

hello friday...say hello too for the crafty tutorial :) we're gonna make the fav doll of mine for this entire month, yes the YO YO's DOLL. i'm like everyday struggling with a lotta design of this doll, and hope not get stress with share this tuto for ya... :)
first thing first, prepare the equipment like u've seen in my prev post, remember Edna? yup, goin to this POST !!! and then make the pattern, take ur compass and makes the circle with some circle diameter size that u can see it in HERE !!! already prepare it, now let's crafty rock on !!!

first i tell u how to make a yoyo puff:1. draw the circle pattern in a back of the fabric 2. cut it 3. fold the edges of the fabric 4. do the basting sticth around the folded fabric5. do the stitch until the shape like the pic 6. fill the fabric with the dacron 7. pull the yarn until the shape like the pic, tie the yarn 8. cut the yarn

now u already make the yo yo puff,yay...!!! now i tell u how to stitchin the yo yo together, like this:9. take the yo yo puff, embed with a pin 10. do the basting stitch from one puff for each other puff, see the pic 11. tie the arn 12. cut the yarn

now is time to make the dragon fly:13. cut the fabric with the pattern for the dragon fly 14. make it in to a yo-yo puff, except for the wings, don't fill the yo-yo with the dacron 15. stitch them together until the shape like the pic 16. grab the buttons and stitch them for the dagron fly eye17. draw the smile line and stitch wiyh the back stitch 18. take the wire, fill it with a beads and plug in to this head to be an antenna
DONE YAY...!!!

what do you thing u do for this weekend guys??? hmmm... i already know it, u'll gonna be make some dragon fly right ;p it's the alternative kind of doll that u can make if u were not realy best friend with a sewwy machine, all made by ur hand ;)

and sorry for post it to aerly, not in the noon of this friday. i'm gonna get this friday to be the rush day for making a doll for dealing the crazy deadline, wish me luck guys... have a great friday :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Anzouya said...

Looks so easy and it's so cute! Thanks for this tutorial! :-)

Liaza said...

sista, creatif bgt sih. Ntar Aq praktekin tutorialnya. I like tuto on friday. Tq.

Heni Prasetyorini said...

wow. bagus bagus mbak.
suka capungnya. dan konsep yoyonya bikinnya gampang juga ya?
thx tuto nya

MDS said...

That's a fun idea to use for yoyos!

Stitching In Circles

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

thanks tina, just try it, it's easy n fun :)


Unknown said...

ajarin bikin bantal ini dong ??

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

adhel: kan udah dikasih tutorialnya :) besok ikut crafting with cemprut deh, nanti diajarin :)

YNa said...

cute jg bagus bgt :)
wah, msh sempet jg buat tuto meski lg sibuk deadline. salut!

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

yna: promise is a promise :) right... :) makasih ya :)

Unknown said...

bneran ? gmana cra.a ikud itu ?

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

adhel: nanti pasti diposting, di cek aja tar di blog, oke :)

Dewi Arina said...

keren tutornya,sukaaa^_^

Ratih Sari said...

besok,kalo uda matahari, segera dicoba ehehehe,,,
makasi tuto-nya,mbak,,