Friday, March 4, 2011

tuto on friday: recycled jeans bag...!!!

i think this is tuto that a lotta you guys wanted like craving pregnant mama,haha... sorry for the late post, coz the secret project that i told u before is like goin more n more n more crazy :) just skip that and let's get crafty rock on with this tuto, and yay we're gonna make a RECYCLED JEANS BAG, start it right now:

this is materials and equipment that u need:- old jeans - fabric - scissor - yarn - embroidery thread - needle - pins - buttons - ruller - tape measure - jeans zipper - pencil - white pencil - sewing machine - stich wrecker (not in the pic) -

start from here:
1. wreck the jeans stich, the front and the back side, the bottom right and left of the jeans. then cut it the leg side.
2. trim the wreck jeans like the pick, embed the pins. for the part that still open just cover it with the jeans scrap.
3. sew it with sewing machine follow the form line of the jeans that have been wrecked.
4. this is the result when u've already sew it :)

5. turn back the jeans and make a straight line in the botton of jeans.
6. sew the line, make a triangular fold in the bottom end of jeans and sew it like in the pic. make another in the other side of the jeans.
7. this is the result when u turn back on the jeans :)

8. now times to make the strap. cut the scrap jeans as you like it.
9. lining it with the cotton fabric and embed it with pins.
10. sew the line, don't forget to leave a free line without sewing it.
11. fromthe free sewing line you can turn the strap in to a right side.

12. now time to make the lining for the bag: measure the jeans, the periphery, the lenght and the wide of the jeans.
13. draw the pattern from the meausured jeans and cute it.
14. sew the the line from the pattern.
15. and this is the result.

16. sew the zipper through the upper side of the jeans.
17. sew the strap in to it.
18. sew the lining in the back side of the jeans. but before it just take the ornament or accesories in the jeans as you like it.
19. and you can put the extra pouch if u want to :)

and this is my recycled jeans bag that i called JIN(S)JING. the fenomenal bag that ever made :) i put a yo yo fabrics, spread the buttons and make it more cute right :)

now i already answer ur request guys, any request for the next friday. and i hope it;s worthed to wait, so so sorry again for the late post :( and i will tell you that CRAFTING WITH CEMPRUT will soon had a dealing, can't wait to announce to ya :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Unknown said...

Awesome tute, makasii ya mb Dita :)

Maya Floria Yasmin said...

kayaknya susah mbak bikinnya :(

Azhezha said...

yaay! ;D
makasih y kak..
will try this soon..

aayularaswati said...

keren keren..
ntar nyobain ahh..

makasih ya mba dita tuto nyah

Maya Irmayanti said...

cuteee...thx for tutorial^^
ini yg dicari :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

ibu kiky: makasih ibu :)

maya: lumayan ribrt sih,hehe :)

sarah: sama-sama saraaah :)

ren: makasih, silahkan nyoba :)

maya irma: makasiih :) ayo nyoba yuk :)