Monday, April 11, 2011

localock : kuwacikecil feat cemprut's camera bag..

yahoooo...i'm really happy when i'm in the "localock" list of the puppet masta Mbak Ria Papermoon :) this is the re-post of her blog, u can find it in here !!! thanks so much Mbak Ria, i'm so envy with my lomo bag, he goes travelling to singapore and i'm still here in my lilliput house,hihi ;p just check it out guys :

it 's been a week !!
and now is the time for "localock" section, again!!! :D HOORAAAYY!!!

this time i would love to introduce you, a sweet and fancy sling bag made by CEMPRUT a.k.a aphrodita wibowo!!! yeiiiyy!!! clap..clap ...clap... :D

cemprut bag with all of my stuffs...
inside my backpack!

she says that she is a crafter... (the great one for me).. stays in Jakarta... we met for the first time while she and her husband came to Jogja to see my performance-MWATHIRIKA
.. and she gave this sling bag to me... and i did the barter with 2 tickets of my play !! :D

ahahhaha!!! what a friend!!! ;)

so, here i go...
with this wonderful sling bag camera.. exploring Singapore for 3 days!!!
a long walk, my dear...
lots of art events in Singapore... gosh...

but this time... i just prefer to have a rest

"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator. You can check another "localock" post in HERE and HeRe .. ;)

there you go...if u wanna ur local brand on her "localock" list, just tease her with ur cute local goodies,haha :p

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



kuwacikecil said...

thanks for the re-post, mbak cantik!!! :D HUGS!!! ;)

ndutyke said...

hehehe, sama deh kita.
kapan hari muridku juga abis pertukaran pelajar ke Aussie, membawa serta scarf2 yg dia beli di-aku. berguna bgt secara disana adem.

eh aku mikir2 : jualanku udah nyampe benua seberang rek, aku masih di surabaya ajah, hehehe....

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

mbak ria: hooooooggg..... ;p

ndutkye: hihi...senasib :)