Sunday, April 24, 2011

my Kartini...!!!

happy belated Kartini day :) i'm not forget about last 21st April, how can i... i'm born and grow up in Rembang, the city that Kartini spread the woman emancipation. the place she live before is near from my old house. just by walk and i can see her living house before, her museum, her school and feelin her spirit:)
for you who never know, she is the Indonesian national heroes. she spread the women emancipation for having an education, for having the same right and for the goods for women. her spirit is started a movement for women in Indonesia, so now u can see the super incredible taledted women in every single line :) u rock mam :)

i'm so missed the Kartini spirit in Rembang, every April 21st there's always a celebration for her, and in the Kartini ceremony last 21st April, my Kartini read the profile/history of Kartini on it. i know she was choosen because she's so talented women.
she's the stylish ones :)

she have a high crafty spirit, she represent her city for many nationaly crafty contest, as i remember she win for made a flower from onion and nut skin and many more. she's a singer too, she win a lotta singing contest, and as i remember she win for second place, and the first winner is Hetty Koes Endang :) and she is a hardworker, she's a midwife before, she delivery a lotta cuty baby and makes a mom safely and healthy in their delivery. she's super, she's my idol, she's my Kartini :)
she's with her love of her life :)

I love u Mom...i love u Umi... hope i can hug u soon :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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