Monday, April 18, 2011

the report: making owl necklace with kiddos...!!!

hello monday, i'm back with my fatigue, from 10 to 10, gosh give me a strenght, but the fun crafting it's makes all worthed :) the last crafting with cemprut with kiddos is quite fun, there's little hush rush when the kiddos is start to crafting. one asked me this the other one asked me that, one still asked me this the other one is yelling that,haha...what a beautifull mess with kiddos :)
i open the workshop in my mini booth from 10 am to 10 pm, but in the 2 pm i give the workshop on main stage. it's easy crafting just stick and stick, i already prepare the kit, so if u wanna make it in home just buy the kit :) so next weekend still in thesame time and place just found me :)this is they oel necklace, there's some kiddos that not taken yet the photo, sorry girls :) and thanks for comin and crafting with me dear: salsa, rachel, naila, rani and...mmm....forgot,haha :) sorry :pand thanks for Piena and friens who comes so far from Serang for making this owl necklace, hope we see next week girls :)
it's not over yet, next week i'm ready to get rumbleeee again. i give u the fun fact from yesterday, when my times is comin to start the workshop on the main stage, i prefer sit down on the stage better than standing and watching the crowd,haha... i'm not kind of good stage performer, i just wanna do what makes me feel more comfortable :p and when i get sleepy in surounded by the crowded people all i have to do is using the sleep mask and hugging the elliue,haha ;p
see u next week guys... i will tell u more about it :) hope u have a great monday :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



vitalia said...

Waaah.. asyik banget, seru niih.. kalo udah bukan kiddo kaya aku, boleh ikutan ga?.. hehe

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

vita: eh boleeeh lah... nanti kalo mau bikin yang nggak langsung tempel juga hayuuuk, aku siapin peralatannya :) ayuk dateng yuk :)

ndutyke said...

I can imagine those kids bringing their owlie necklace to school and show it to their friends :)

anyway cemprut, ada award untukmu... silahkan dikerjakan bila sempat :)