Friday, April 8, 2011

tuto on friday: rocky racoon sleep mask...!!!

this friday we are gonna make a cute sleep mask, even maybe u can get sleep coz always wondering how u look like when u sleep wearing this mask,haha... his name is rocky racoon, i pick that name from Beatles funny song, just hear it guys. okay now, just go on, here we start:

1. what u need is: foam, brown fabric, white and pale brown felt, brown embroidery thread, black button, pins, scissors, elastic.

2. draw the pattern in a bad side of fabric and flanel and cut it 0,5 cm from the edge. the pattern u can get in HERE !!!

3. embroidered the felt in the fabric

4. Cut a piece of elastic measuring about 35 cm (adjust to the size of your head). and cut out a piece of fabric that will be the covering for the elastic, mine is 4cm wide by 80 cm long. if you don't want a covered elastic ignore the fabric part on this step.
Fold the fabric for the elastic cover in half lengthwise and sew it 0,5 cm inch from the edge.
Turn right side out and then put the elastic in.

5. Take your mask sandwich: foam, fabric side back, covered elastic, fabric side front.

6. Pin around so that the pieces will stay together.

7. Go to the sewing machine and sew around the mask, make sure to leave a space open at the top so that you can turn the whole thing right side out later on.

8. Turn right side out and sew the in the edge of the mask. voila.

okay still have something to do, try to get sleep after u turn ur computer and use the rocky racoon mask ;p have a good sleep and sweet dreams :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Ndutyke said...

Next time, kasih tuto untuk eye mask yg ada lubang matanya dong :D

Thx dear... Have a nice weekend!

nadia said...

nice, thanks 4 d tuto :D

YNa said...

makasih tuto-nya :)
btw, gmn kabar si modem? hehe..

antown said...

Eh ada mbak yna jg. Kcmtanya bgus. Bwt tdur pasti lelap. Kalo bwt gowes pasti bahaya hehe