Monday, May 30, 2011

i love tea set craft...!!!

actually i'm not the tea person type, i choose coffee instead. but tea set, especially the vintage ones, is kind of one of my fav :) and the crafty peoples around the world can't stand doin nothing when looking the cute shape of the tea set :) see what they did, one big word: AWESOME !!!i found this via and you also can check it out in this flickr group :) i think i'm gonna make the pouch ones with my faux leather materials...hmmm...if i have a spare time of course :)

and the SECRET PROJECT GIVEAWAY is still aviable for you to join, maybe a couple of days i will announce the lucky winner, just come in :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Alin said...

waw.. saya baru sadar semua judul blognya pake tanda seru! ehehehe...

btw, gak sabar nunggu pengumuman giveawaynya! :D

vitalia said...

menandakan yang punya Blog very enthusiastic and energetic person.. :)
so hasil karya2nya keren-keren...