Saturday, May 21, 2011

the monsta pouch...!!!

row row row and row... somethings hairy and colorfull comin from the sea... with their box shape boat... they commin to ya... watchaaaaaa... !!!the scariest cute monsta pouch that u ever seen ;p
made from velboa, cotton and soft foam inside.
there;s magnetic snap button on it.

size about: 8 x 13 cm
can fit ur cellphone ( 7 x 12cm), coin, namecard or candy ;peach monsta is diferent by the others :)
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Happy Saturday Night Crafting Y'all...!!!



pudingsusu said...

mbakkk,lucu banget monster bulunya! XD

ndutyke said...

monsternya warna-warni (^_^)

piena mustika said...

like it :)

Neha said...

Hello! I am Neha from India and I just stumbled across your blog while searching for recycled craft on google... I must say you are AWESOME!!! I love your stuff. Its fantastic. I showed some of the pictures of your craft work to my students and they all love your work. Keep up the good work and may your talent prosper :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

pudingsusu: makasih ya :)

ndutkye: iyaaa niiih :)

piena: thanks dear :)

neha: oh thanks so much neha :) i hope they can inspired and make some recycled craft like i do :) thanks dear :)