Thursday, May 12, 2011

the old suitcase livin...!!!

when Ay have an idea for using our parent old suitcase for my goodies display, so i said it was an "AWWW" moment :) now the suitcase is become my fav diplay for photoshoot. love when a lotta goodies is ever livin on it, but sad when the goodbye time is comin to them :(the sock doll family is already go to their photoshoot... woohoo... it's one from never ending project haha... it's seems i always have a crafty debt to be paid,haha... have fun for ur photoshoot pals :)
and the hootie family goes to the birthday boy: Ragil :) he wanna give the hootie for his friends, in the back of every hootie there's a name of his friends, how lucky they are :)

and the other old suitcase livin is in the progress to make, just wait and see :) actually i'm not in the good mood this morning, need some vacation... hope u have a great day guys :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Miy said...

aweee...cute idea! yeeep.. go out and have your vacation, girl.. you deserve it! ;)

The Picnic Girl

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kuwacikecil said...


Edhini Senastri said...

Hootie family-nya..lucu abissss..gemes deh liatnya..:D
salam kenal ya mb dita, blognya bagusss, so many inspirations here ^^

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

makasih :)