Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the sorry awards...!!!

This awards i received was a long time. because this busy month for me, so just had time to post them now. #1 sorry
call me forgetfull Dita, so i write anyone who was kind enough gave me this awards in my laptop. and something happened with my laptop, the virus takes several files including list of them. and i totally blank, can't remember anyone who was very kindly gave me these awards. #2 sorry for anyone who ever gave me these awards, thank you very much and #3 sorry a lotta lotta for you ;p looooove u guuuuys :)

and I will give you 9 things about me, this time i will tell you the top 9 Beatles songs that i like the most. very difficult to choose, but this song is the song that i often sing with my acoustic guitar, Wegnyo ;p here they are:
pic found via google :)
because this award seemed so yesterday, so i dedicate this award to all the crafty peoples around the world ;p

the SECRET PROJECT GIVEAWAY still running guys, join now :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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