Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the front yard colorful project...!!!

this is the very long time project between me and Ay. there's some concrete in our front yard, that is concrete materials to build a house, and used to chair and desk when Ay was child. so Ay wanna remake it with the themes: colorful front yard :) yeaah..that was the plan...
and we began to buy paint and brushes after had consulted with the fantastic painter Mas Iw (Mbak Ria Papermoon hubby). and Ay started to paint the concrete, without any themes first, just swing his brush, swing and swing and ended with a stuck idea and mood and finally surrender and gave it to me for finishing, hhhmmm... ;pthe project not finish yet after 4 month,aaarrrgghh, still have the table for paint. oooh Ay...that's ur big homework dear ;p i will let u know when it's realy done done. we have plans to plant grass in our front yard, but's only a plan... ;pfyi, my craft books is now aviable in Gramedia :) but if u still hard to found it in ur city just do email me: or text me: 08156618064 :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



kuwacikecil said...

wahahah.. ada pria yang desperate menyelesaikan lukisan semennya!! ahahiiha!! lucu bangeett!! ayo malah bisa buat buka playgroup, buu!! lucu banget!

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

hiahiaahaaa... tau tuh si Ay bakat crafty nya cuman di awal-awal doang nek wes ndak mood ditinggal ;p