Saturday, June 11, 2011

the master chef cemprut...!!!

this weekend is master chef playin in my national tv, it's kinda my new fav tv programme. i'm not good in cookin but enjoy to do it :) always curious with a new recipe but lazy to try on :p sometimes can cook yummy menu but can't repeat with the same yummy taste,haha... i cook Tom Yam this morning but the taste just like the javanis spicy soup ;p

and this is some apron that requested by Mbak Tita from Borneo. made by cotton fabric with hand embroidery on the octopus aplication. there's a soft dacron inside. and the cute thing is that u can wear it with 2 diferent style :) yes, it;s reversible honey dear :)

the patchwork - simply orange

the octopus - polka blue
request ur own apron to be the next master chef ;p email or text me for further information :) Have a lovely weekend :)

ps.thanks Ay fot the afternoonphotosession :) love ya :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Ikmalia Anindita said...

ya ampun, apapun yang dibuat pasti lucu lucu deh. jadi pengen apron sendiri ♥

berapaan nih? message FB aja ya :)

Azhezha said...

love the octopus ;D

dunia kecil indi said...

aku suka masak, tapi malah "males" nonton master chef. juri2nya belagu bangeeet, padahal pas aku nyicip masakan mereka gak enak2 amat, hihihi :p
waaa, cute apron! kreatif sekali kamu :) aku kemaren baru bikin apron warna pink lho, tp bagusan punya kamu dong pastinya ;)

YNa said...

gaya dulu dunk, baru masak.. iya ga Dit? hehe.. yg patch motif itu keren bgt :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

ikmalia: thanks dear :) udah aku bales ya :)

sarah: the octopus love ya too :)

indie: makasih ya indie :)

mbak yana: hehe, tau ajah,hihi, makasih mbak yan ;)

Chici said...

Wah the octopusnya lucu mbak (>o<)/

Izyan Nadiah said...

cute bangat :)